The Many Contexts of the Word "Lit"

For parents, the word lit simply means that a light is on or a match has been struck. To millennials, it means partying and having the time of your life. To me, it means anything and everything I want it to. I’m not sure how it got to this point, as I’m sure some of you can relate—but lit can be used to describe pretty much anything. If you don’t understand the universal nature of the word lit, then here is a rough translation of the different meanings and connotations.

  • “lit" – This means the exact opposite of something lit, and it is normally used in situations that are hopeless as an attempt to add a little bit of meaningless positivity to the moment.

  • “Lit” with crying laughing emoji – Entertaining, but not totally comprehending. It’s great when someone said something that you find funny but might not totally understand or know why they happened to say that.

  • “Lit!” – This is pretty much the equivalent to cool or awesome—used in situations slightly better than ordinary, but nothing to get too excited about.

  • “LIT” – Exciting, but kind of unexpected. It’s perfect for situations when happy news catches you off guard, and you don’t totally have time to come up with an answer.

  • “LITTY” – Casual, but excited. Most applicable for when a friend gives you good news or asks if you want Dunkin’.

  • “SO LIT” – Looking forward to something. This is pre-anticipated “litness” that is being eagerly awaited.

  • “LITLITLIT” – This is something good that isn’t completely unexpected but seemed highly improbable. It is used in situations where you have time to process what has happened but aren’t adept enough to come up with appropriate words.

Lit is pretty much a spectrum of emotions, and depending on the context, it can mean basically anything from almost-despair to ecstatic joy. So, interpret it as best as you can, and don’t take it too lit-erally.