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Last Minute Thought of Spring Semester

It’s here! Warmer weather, longer days, and the last few weeks of classes. Maybe you’re graduating in a few weeks or have another 3 years to go. Regardless, I guarantee we’ve all thought these things at least once.

1. I wonder how this class will effect my GPA?

2. Only 12 more classes until freedom!

3. I literally never used this textbook.

4. If I get a 60 on this exam my final grade will be…

5. I brought all my winter clothes home, why is it only 35 degrees out?

6. How did I run out of dining dollars AGAIN?!

7. WAIT. it’s going to be 60 degrees again!

8. Spring break was such a tease.

9. I could go for a snow day today.

10. Is it too late to withdraw?

11. Funny how my senior friends think they’re graduating.

12. Wait I’m graduating…

13. Where did this semester go?

14. I don’t want to leave.  


16. Jk. Adios UNH, it’s time to relax.

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