Get to Know Kailiyah Martinez!

Name: Kailiyah Martinez

Hometown: Leicester, Massachusetts

Major: Forensic Science with a Biology concentration

Year: Sophomore


Campus Involvement: Charger Ambassador and Events Team, Resident Assistant, and Marching Band

Favorite Eatery on Campus: Jazzman's or Bartels Marketplace

Best Class You’ve Taken: Intro to Psychology

Go to Hangout Spot: Jazzman's or just hanging out in a friend's room.

Favorite UNH Event/Tradition: Therapy dogs during midterms and finals.

Dream Job: “Working with either science or children—or both.”

Favorite Thing to in Downtown New Haven: “I don't really go downtown.”

Hobbies/Talents: “I play alto saxophone. I like to paint, draw, write, and read.”

Celebrity Crush: Prince Royce

Celebrity Role Model: Ellen DeGeneres or Viola Davis

Favorite Artist (at the Moment): Lin-Manuel Miranda

Dream Career: “Either a pediatrician or a medical examiner.”

Favorite Meme: “I don't have one.”

Fun Fact About You: “I have a twin sister.”

Favorite Quote: “‘Be who you are, and say what you feel, for those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.’ by Dr. Seuss.”

Is it hard being so far away from home?: “Sometimes, but I've made such good friends here that—more or less—I have a home away from home. So, when I do miss home, I know I have people here I can turn to.”

What’s your favorite part about being a Resident Assistant?: “I love being involved with residents through programming or interacting with them during the day—or by seeing them while I'm on duty. It's a great opportunity to meet new people and have an impact on others’ lives, and that's really what I enjoy most.”

What's your advice for the class of 2021 next year?: “My advice is to do what you love, go where you love, and get involved in what you love. Definitely follow your heart and listen to yourself when it's trying to tell you to take a break or try out something new.”