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Get to Know Jill Marena!

Here are the basics…

Name: Jillian Marena

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Wethersfield, CT

Major: Psychology

Relationship status: Taken (sorry boys!)

Twitter/Instagram: jillmarena15

Now let’s go a little more in depth…

HC: Are you involved on campus? If so, with what?

Jill: I am involved in the psychology club, recsports, and I volunteer at the PTSD center through the Miss. Kendra program offered at UNH.

HC: What’s your most memorable moment from freshman year?

Jill: When I think of Freshman year I will always go back to my first Homecoming weekend. It was really the first time I got to see the University come together and have fun. All my friends and I watched the football game and had a weekend we will never forget.


HC: What’s your most embarrassing moment from freshman year?

Jill: So it was when people found out I coincidently had a single handicap room in Westside and my friends started telling people I had a prosthetic leg.  People believed them and would ask me to see my leg.


HC: Any advice you would give a freshman at UNH?

Jill: Don’t wear your lanyard around your neck.


HC: Where is your favorite place to eat on campus?

Jill: Sandellas, I get the broccoli cheddar chicken rice bowl. It’s so good and can usually last me two meals.


HC: What facility do you utilize the most on campus?

Jill: The gym definitely, I always go to the group X classes and I play on a couple different recsports team year around.


HC: Favorite course?

Jill: Introduction to psychology, I had a great prof. and it inspired me to change my major to psychology.


HC: Favorite part of UNH?

Jill: UNH has their own campus in Italy where I plan on spending in spring 2017.


HC: Fun fact?

Jill: I don’t know how to ride a bike.

Hi! I'm Danielle and i'm an undergraduate at the University of New Haven dreaming of experiencing all the world has to offer. I am a psychology major with a passion for helping others and expressing myself through writing. You can probably find me on the beach or outdoors, and if not i'm definitely binge watching Netflix. Follow me on social media @DMarieCxoxo :) 
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