Four Fun Ideas On How To Spice Up Your Dorm Room This Semester

Are the walls of your dorm room bland and in need of some color and cute (but relatively cheap) decorations? If you have zero idea of what to put up on those white, hospital walls, I think I have some pretty good go-to ideas for ya…

1. Lights

Okay okay, I know the original dorm room Christmas lights are starting to become super cliché, but who cares? Honestly, they still look super cute no matter what, and now they have circular little lantern lights (pictured above for your convenience, you’re welcome), and they even come in different sizes and colors! You should double check with your school’s dorm regulations for their rules on Christmas lights before purchasing them, but most schools are usually pretty chill about it as long as the bulbs are LED. They’re sold at Target for around $12-$15. Not too bad if I do say so myself.       

2. Posters/wall decals 

So obviously with posters, you could basically get any kind you want, such as your favorite band/music artist, actor/actress etc. But what I’ve noticed recently is that posters of the world, animals or landscapes are totally in. I have a watercolor poster of the continents like the one above and I’m obsessed with it. I got it online for around $4. That’s a steal right there. Wall decals are cool, too, with so many options to choose from. You can get wall decals at Target and, depending on the size of it, the price can range from about $5-$20. 

3. Tapestries 

I have this one! 

Man, oh man… don’t get me started on tapestries. They are one of my favorite decorations on the planet right now, and I am OBSESSED with them. Seriously, when I’m older my house is going to have tapestries all over because I love them that much. They help put together a room so nicely, and the compliments will come rolling in once someone sees it on your wall. I recommend taking pics with your friends in front of them because you’ll look super cute on Insta (which = likes!!!).Tapestries can be bought off of for $15-$25 as well as Urban Outfitters, but they’re around $50 each plus shipping so… bye. 

4. Decorated wooden letters

I know these may not seem like they’d be that cute, but they definitely are! You can either buy a plain letter and craft it yourself,  or buy a cheap already decorated one online! It could be the first letter of your first name or maybe even two letters to do your initials for your first and last name— whatever your little heart desires! Plain non-decorated wooden letters at Michaels craft stores, depending on the size, is around $2-$8 if you would want to craft it yourself. Meanwhile already decorated letters on are a little bit pricier but not too bad at about $15 + shipping.

That’s all I got for ya, but I hope this helped with turning your side of the dorm from creepy, white insane asylum walls to a cute and fun room where you’ll feel more at home and more like yourself while you’re away at school!