A Commuter's Guide: How To Survive

Commuters know how scary it is to start college. It seems like you’re an outsider. You may not have roommates to walk to class with or a dorm to call your own in between classes, but I can assure you it’s not so bad after all.

If you follow these simple tips, your time as a commuter at the University of New Haven will surely be enhanced.

1. Make friends

Just because you’re a commuter doesn’t mean you can’t make friends on campus. Don’t be shy in class! Introduce yourself to the people around you and schedule study dates at the library. If you continue to click with your peers, you might get invited to their dorm or maybe even adventure to downtown New Haven!

2. Get Involved

UNH has over 161 ways to get involved. There is definitely something on campus for everyone. Commuters have the opportunity to get a grasp of a real college experience by joining a club, organization or sports team. This is another great way to meet people, and pursue something that grabs your attention. It doesn’t hurt that involvement will also look great on your resume in the future.

3. Take advantage of the University's facilities

The Rec Center is definitely one of the most awesome things UNH has to offer. For free, you can use the gym or participate in fitness classes such as Zumba, yoga, cardio/strength, spinning, meditation or high intensity workouts. And of course, we can’t forget about RECSports. Another facility to take advantage of is the Center for Learning Resources on the bottom on the library. Even commuters are paying these tutors salary, so before you head home after class stop by the CLR for some free help with homework.

4. Don’t stress over parking.

I saved the most frustrating commuter struggle for last. Every commuter at UNH shares hatred for parking on campus, unless you have an 8 A.M. class (which no one wants anyway). Although we all wish we could park in the Kaplan lot, sometimes the most realistic place to park is by Kayo or across the street. And if you’re really desperate, there are always spots in the Hoffman lot across the street from Bergami.