Campus Cutie: Samantha Weber '17

Name: Samantha Weber        

Hometown: Portland, Connecticut

Major/Minor: Dental Hygiene

Year: 2016

Relationship Status: In a relationship

Campus Involvement: I am the treasurer for my dental hygiene class. I also play Rec Sports soccer and basketball.

Favorite Eatery on Campus: Sandella’s

As of now, what is your favorite class?: Local Anesthesia

What has been your favorite thing about UNH?: Getting to make new friends each year

Hobbies/Talents: I've been playing piano for 12 years. I like to play soccer and watch New York Rangers hockey & New York Giants football games. I also am a really great baker!

Dream Job: Work in a pediatric dental office

Future Plans: Get my Bachelors degree in Dental Hygiene, travel, eventually have a family, and live somewhere in New England