Campus Cutie: Jesse Latorraca '16

Name: Jesse G. Latorraca  

Hometown: Stamford, CT

Major/Minor: Forensic Science, Biology concentration

Year: Senior

Relationship Status: Single & ready to mingle. My dream girl has to have a beautiful smile and slightly shorter then me; she's got to understand me and, more importantly, she's got to understand my family.

Campus Involvement: I'm a brother of Sigma Chi, I'm the current All Greek Council Treasurer, Head chair for the DREAM program, Delta Alpha Pi honor society President, Past Deepher Dude, And Chi Kappa Bro.

Favorite Eatery on Campus: Sushi X down the street

As of now, what is your favorite class?: It's a toss up between Forensic Pathology and Anatomy. But if I had to choose it would be Forensic Pathology.

What has been your favorite thing about UNH?: The friends I’ve made is definitely my favorite.


Hobbies/Talents: Well I'm secretly a theater geek. I use to do a lot of theater in middle school and high school. But with my school schedule I settle for attending performances and I jump at the opportunity to be on stage with friends. I love playing baseball/softball. I play first player games on my PS4. I like to go go-karting over break with my friends. My by far favorite thing to do is cook! I learned too cook from my family and from my time working as a chef at a restaurant back home.

Dream Job: Ok please don't get freaked out here but after I graduate I’m going to mortician school. I would one day like to own my own funeral home.

Future Plans: Um I don't like to plan too much I really enjoy going with the flow. But as along as I have my family and friends around me I'll be happy with that future.

Fun Fact About You: I like baking just as much as I like to cook. I have 3 brothers at home, no sisters. I have a boxer named Champ he's kind of an ass. I did an internship this summer at Zotos International in their research and development labs. I did testing on their hair products, hair treatments, shampoos and conditioners.  I also love to travel.