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The Best Moments from “Friends” Thanksgiving

The friends of Friends celebrate many holidays together, one being Thanksgiving. Throughout the seasons, the group shares many Thanksgiving dinners, and they seem to always be extremely eventful. From Joey and Monica getting a turkey stuck on their heads, to Rachel’s beefy “trifle,” here are the best moments from their Friendsgivings spent together.

1. When Monica danced for Chandler with a turkey on her head

2. When Monica lets Rachel make dessert, and she mixes the trifle recipe with the shepherd’s pie recipe

3. And then when Joey says it tastes like feet, but he likes it!

4. When Joey is very honest with what he’s thankful for

5. And when Joey comes wearing Phoebe’s maternity pants

6. When Ross worked really hard to make an amazing leftover turkey sandwich

7. And then someone from work ate it

8. When Monica and Ross continue their Gellar family tradition by playing football with the friends after dinner

9. When Joey dug in, calling the Turkey his Everest

Joey, Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel and Phoebe sure know how to throw a great Thanksgiving dinner. Throughout all of the Thanksgivings they’ve spent together, these are surely the best moments. They have inspired me to look forward to having my own Friendsgiving dinners with my best friends!

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