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8 Reasons Why Single Girls Hate Valentine’s Day

There are 365 days in a year, and if you are single, 364 of those days go by perfectly fine. The one exception? Valentine’s Day…

1. There’s PDA everywhere.

“Alright we get it, you’re in love… cool, great, awesome, good for you.”

2. It reminds us of how alone we actually are.

“Thanks mom, you’re my valentine too….”

3. Everything on TV is sooooo over-commercialized. 

“Seriously, this ad again? NOT EVERY KISS BEGINS WITH K.”

4. You don’t get any gifts because no one loves you enough, and you’re too poor to get yourself something.

5. You become an environmentalist for the next 24 hours.


6. Single girl’s night in is just as depressing as sitting at home alone.

“Let’s see how many bottles of wine and Rom-Coms we can get through before passing out.”

7. People expect you to be miserable on this day, even though you might be perfectly happy being single. 

Friend in a relationship: “Aw, maybe next year.” Me: “…lol probably not.”

8. You always end up hearing about some super sappy fairytale proposal and you’re just like… 

In the end, this day is all about what you make of it. Grab some single friends, go out in your comfy clothes, and do something crazy that you’d never be able to do if you were tied down to an SO. 

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