20 Favorite Things of Mine that Turned 20 in 2016

I’m already 20 so I feel old but surprisingly as old as these pop culture moments are.


My all time favorite horror film that revitalized the slasher genre, which was One Dead in the 90s, with some comedic and satiric flair. Don’t forget the plot twist coupled with the iconic one-liner, “What’s your favorite scary movie?"

Set it Off

As Buzzfeed would call it, a modern black classic that everyone should see once. Or twice. Or more like me. A very underrated film with a group of oppressed black queens played by Jada Pinkett, Queen Latifah, Vivica A. Fox and Kimberly Elise shocks the city of L.A., committing a series of bank robberies with a no-f's-given-attitude.

Spice Girls debut album Spice

The Spice Girls may have only been around for five years, but their international success was matched only to the Beatles. We were introduced to them in 1996 with their debut featuring enough bubblegum-euro-pop to leave a nice aftertaste in your mouth. The album spawned four hit singles including everyone’s top throwback “Wannabe,” which was No.1 for four weeks.


The 90s was a riveting time for African-American television programming and UPN added to that. In January, then teen-R&B singer Brandy who just earned multi-platinum with her first album proved to the world she was a multi-talented person to be reckoned with. Moesha was a teenage girl living in South Los Angeles whose life consisted of friends, being the top of her class, boys and her stepmother she’s trying to get along with. #BlackGirlMagic

Independence Day

1996 saw the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air come to a close but also saw Will Smith on track to join the ranks of Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in the elite world of movie star stardom. Independence Day -- a film where humans must come together to stop alien from destroying the planet -- became a blockbuster and a 90s classic.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Just watching this show made you wish you were a witch. Can’t life be easier when it point of a finger and a talking cat.


Jay Z's debut album Reasonable Doubt

Before Tidal and claimer of Beyonce, Jay Z went from Brooklyn drug dealer to up and coming rap artist who already had his own business (Roc-A-Fella). Reasonable Doubt is Jay Z at his most authentic before his music started becoming mainstream-ized. This album has nothing but bars and a mafioso and east coast sound to it. And it was his first of 15 albums to hit platinum.

Tupac's Death

In no ways was the untimely death of Tupac was a good thing or anyone’ favorite. At the same time his death cemented his legacy and is regularly ranked high when conversation of who was the best that ever did in hip-hop is brought up. Tupac was only around for five years but he has influenced a new generation of rappers that came after him with his politically conscious lyrics and relaxed West coast sound.

Aaliyah's sophomore album One in a Million

The One in a Million era was a reinvented Aaliyah. She ditched Jive Records and her ex-lover R. Kelly for a then unknown Missy Elliott, Timbaland & Rodney Jerkins (Darkchild) to help produce this album. Aaliyah like Mary J. Blige with with a lower toned voice epitomized late 90s hip-hop soul. One in a Million was also her most critically praised with rave review from publishers like Rolling Stone.

Lil Kim & Foxy Brown’s debut albums (Hardcore and Ill Na Na)

Straight out of Brooklyn, these two made the same moves. Both were discovered and taken under the wings of male rappers Biggie Smalls & Jay Z. They both were token female in their rap crew (Kim - Junior MAFIA), (Foxy - The Firm) and still did better than the guys. And with their debut albums that turned 20 last month, they breathed a new type of female rappers. One that wasn’t afraid to use their sexaulity in their image, stage presence or songs to sell records. Like Madonna but in rap form.


A little girl that can possess the power of telekinesis. Lit.

Bill Clinton

1996 was the re-election of my second/only other favorite president Bill Clinton.


Everyone's favorite childhood show was born.

Dexter's Laboratory

Another childhood classic.


The Disney star that’s been slaying for six years turned 20 in September.


This pure heroine from New Zealand turned 20 last month.

Alessia Cara

Ms. Know-It-All turned 20 back in June. I don’t think she’s here for a birthday party though!

Hey Arnold

A Nickelodeon classic. With a football head shaped kid premiered in October 1996

Abigail Breslin

Breslin, who has blessed us with her presence in Little Miss Sunshine and most recently Scream Queens, reached 20 this past April

Lauren & Normani

These Fifth Harmony members officially joined the 20s club over the summer.