What the heck is up with the weather?

When I was walking out of my dorm just last week, it was warm outside and I could go with just t-shirt and jeans and be perfectly fine. Then a few days later, the weather had dropped 20-something degrees and I find myself having to put on layer upon layer of jackets to not freeze my butt off.

I hear girls around me always complaining about the bi-polar weather of Raleigh, NC and I can’t say I’m not one of them.  It seems that we always want it to be colder in the summer and hotter in the winter. By the time weather has been cold for a few weeks, we become a bit too eager to bring out the spring styles.

What I’ve found that works is to always bring layers. The best way is to always have at least a light jacket in your backpack or purse. Even if it’s a burden, it’s always useful to check up on the weather before heading out of your room. I know the weather is always changing, but you don’t want to be the girl in a floral dress and flip flops while everyone else is wearing parkas and rain boots.

Patience. The weather is changing every second: one day can pass as summer then the next day it’s so cold you don’t know why it’s not snowing yet. Girls always want to look cute and sometimes endure the cold weather just to show off their new shirt, but girls trust me when I say it’s better to be warm and not get sick than to be cute for a day and not go out when weekend rolls around. Have a positive attitude towards the weather, and you’ll find that it’s not that bad (: