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Underrated Christian Rap & R&B Songs to Vibe With This Week

For someone who is a Christian and loves music, it’s hard to find songs to listen to. I’ll admit it, I’m not your “typical” Christian girl that listens to Oceans or Reckless Love or those songs that society assumes we listen to. For me, rap, R&B, and pop are my favorite types of music. So I wanted to share with y’all some songs that I rock to every day. I listen to these when I’m doing homework, studying, or making my agenda for the day, which makes it more fun for me. Even if you aren’t a Christian, I strongly recommend you check out these songs because they really hit!

I Surrender by V. Rose

If you are more of an R&B type of person, this song is for you. It’s one of my favorite soul hitters and her vocals are out of this world! Some more songs composed by V. Rose are I Got You, SOS, and Might Be Ready if you’re interested in more songs sung by her.

Oh Lord by NF

This song is probably the deepest Christian rap song that I know. The lyrics make you rethink your entire life. Two of my favorite lines from the song are: “You see the same God that you’re saying might not even exist becomes real to us, but only when we dying in bed” and “We turn our backs on Him, what do you expect Him to do? It’s hard to answer prayers when nobody’s praying to you”.

All the Love by Renzo BA

This is a Nigerian pop/rap song, but it’s a remix to the more popular Nigerian song by Burna Boy. This song has a mix of English and Pidgin (broken English, a common form of slang in West African). Another one of my favorites as this song always has me dancing in my seat when I’m playing it.

10K by KB

For the first few seconds, you would think this song is going to be one of those songs. But just wait till the beat drops, I promise you that you won’t regret it!

CHIOMA-AFRO VIBE by Frank Edwards

Another Nigerian song, he’s probably one of my favorite Nigerian artists. He uses a mix of Igbo, Pidgin and English in this song. This song reminds me of the greatest and my most favorite love story, which is the sacrifice God gave for us. 

Restored by Lecrae

This song resonates with me because it describes exactly what all Christians go through–the struggles, the battles, the daily temptations. It reminds me that even though it isn’t always a bed of roses, God still remains faithful through these times.

The Box- Remix by Teejay

This is a remix of the more popular version by Roddy Ricch. If you enjoy rap music like I do, this song was specially remixed for you. 

Sweet Jesus by Zoe & Grace

I believe this is a cover, but it was sung by two African American artists. I love how harmonious their voices are in this song, but this song also has some rap as well. Another one of my favorite songs I like listening to. 

Ony is a freshman at NCSU, studying Biological Sciences with a concentration in Human Biology. She loves listening to music, watching movies and reading novels in her free time.
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