Top 5 Trendy Halloween Makeup Tutorials

With Halloween around the corner, we here at HC NCSU are here to help provide resources to pull off your halloween look. A great halloween look includes not just the costume but the makeup too! Check out these 5 looks to help you pull off some cute makeup looks for your costumes this year!

  1. Eyeliner Lace Masquerade 

We love this tutorial because it uses something that most of us have in our makeup bags. Plus, just use this look with a nice dress and you've got a cheap and creative costume! 

2. Gatsy Inspired/Zombie Look

Gatsy Inspired looks are going to be huge this year, so here is a quick tutorial on how to achieve that look! Another reason we love this particular tutorial, is because it includes a zombie version for any of you that want to go with a more scary look. 

3. Fox Halloween Makeup

I'm sure most of you have heard Ylvis' song, The Fox. This song has been a huge hit so why not dress up as that infamous fox shown in the video? This makeup tutorial will show you a cute and stylish fox makeup look to wear with your hilarious fox costume. 

4. Hunger Games: Catching Fire Makeup Look

For those of you that are huge Hunger Games fans, check out this awesome District 5, Power look!

5. Leopard Makeup

And last but not least, a classic leopard look. When in doubt, just get some ears and go as a cat for halloween. Its simple and easy to pull off. To spice up you look, check out this tutorial to stand out from all the other girls dressed as cats! 

I hope these makeup looks will help all you collegiettes pull of your favorite halloween looks. These top 5 looks are trendy and super cute, so try them out and show us your favorite looks! 

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