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Time Flying By

It has always been a mystery to me to realize how fast time goes by. I realize that when you do something fun, time goes by a lot faster than when you sitting in a boring class. However, this year seems to already be flying by. Actually, the last six years have.

I remember moving to North Carolina not knowing what to expect. I’m now a senior at NCSU (aka the best school ever) trying to figure out where my life is going. Choices and opportunities will present themselves and senior year equals making the most important decisions of my life in my world.
Not only do I need to figure out whether I want to work full time or do my MBA, but I also must decide in which continent I want to stay in.

Originally from France, Europe is smiling at me, and it’s food and culture is tempting me. Without forgetting how much I miss my family… On the other hand, a job in a country I have come to love…
Luckily, or unluckily, I have no-one (aka boyfriend) to hold me back in my choices.

So which should I choose…? School or Work? Europe or America? This year will be a year of changes, choices, and getting my life together…

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