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Three Small Changes You Can Make This Year to Improve Your Mental Health

As a new year has begun, new pressures have been placed onto many to set and achieve rather harsh New Year’s resolutions. While New Year’s resolutions can be beneficial, most of the time they are drastic and leave you feeling defeated for not accomplishing them. Instead, only small goals should be created that foster growth, not strictly following rules for yourself. When small goals are set and accomplished over time, they can make a large, positive impact on your mental health. Below are three simple goals that can be implemented throughout the year to enhance your routines as well as your mental health.

  1. Make your Bed In the Morning

As cliche as it might sound, making your bed in the most serves as your first accomplishment of the day. Not only does this goal make your small tidier, but it may inspire you to accomplish more goals throughout the day. Plus, coming home to a made bed may inspire you to clean the rest of your space and keep it that way.

  1. Take Time to Make and Enjoy your Favorite Morning Drinks

As college students, we often find ourselves rolling out of bed five minutes before we have to leave for class. As we rush to get ready and run out the door, we arrive at class tired, and feeling behind. A simple way to ground yourself in the morning is by preparing your favorite drink – whether that be hot lemon water, coffee, or tea. Taking a few minutes to drink the beverage will give you time to wake up your body gently and set your intentions for the day ahead.

  1. Practice Controlled Breathing

When anxiety or worry hits, it can be difficult to calm down and relax. Many have unhealthy coping mechanisms for anxiety, which will only harm you in the long run. When you feel a spike of worry or anxiety hitting, try practice controlled breathing. Whether it’s for ten seconds or multiple minutes, focusing on your breathing can work to calm your heart rate.

Lily Grissom is a sophomore at NC State University majoring in Accounting with a concentration in Financial Analysis. Some of her favorite things are movies, music, and the environment!
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