Thomas Adams '14

Thomas Adams was anonymously nominated to be campus cutie this week! Check out what his friends (or secret admirers) have to say about him! 

Name: Thomas Adams
Year: 2014
Major: International Studies
Hometown: Apex, NC

What are his interests?
World travel, speaks Chinese as a second language, likes indie/rock/techno music.

Why is he Campus Cutie material?
Thomas is a great guy and he's got a really cute sarcastic sense of humor. He's smart, friendly, and he also does badass things like backpacking through Europe. Not to mention, he works out and it shows! Due to his attractive features he is commonly mistaken for Robert Pattinson. Just an all around good guy, who deserves a little celebrity status.

Any last words about Thomas?
Pick Thomas as campus cutie! He's an awesome friend, and super cute. Who doesn't like a guy who speaks two languages? He's like an international James Bond. Plus, He's SINGLE LADIES!