Things I Really Didn’t Need To Bring To College

As an incoming freshman, I looked up all the things that people say to bring to school to use or to decorate my room. However, did I actually use half of those things? Absolutely not. Here are the five things that I really didn’t need to bring to school.

  1. 1. Decorative Pillows

    While yes, decorative pillows make your bed prettier and your room look more put together, they are not practical. Most of the time your bed will probably remain unmade with your pillows lying around taking up valuable floor space. SAVE YOUR SPACE!!

  2. 2. ¾ of my Wardrobe 

    Being a girl, I most definitely brought way too many clothes with me. I thought that I would wear the things I brought at least once, especially nicer blouses and dresses. But in reality, I stick to about the same outfit everyday: t-shirts, sweatpants, and shorts. Especially during COVID, I haven’t gone out as much which has resulted in all of my nicer clothes still hanging in my closet since I moved in. Only bring the clothes that you know you’ll really wear. 

  3. 3. Printer

    I used the printer I brought only once. You honestly will not need to print anything, especially if you have all online classes. If you do, there are plenty of resources available on campus to go and print whatever you need. 

  4. 4. An Obscene Amount of Wall Decorations

    In dorms, wall space is very limited, especially if you are only living on one side of the room with your roommate on the other. Hanging lots of pictures, shelves, or whatever you decorate your wall with is honestly too much trouble for what it’s worth. In addition, the decorations will probably eventually come off since you’re not allowed to use nails and have to hang the decorations with command strips instead.

  5. 5. School Supplies

    I came to school with five notebooks, lots of pens/pencils, and two binders. How much have I used? Only two notebooks, a pen, and an occasional pencil. Bringing the basic school supplies such as pens and a notebook would’ve been sufficient, especially with everything being online. This isn’t to say not to bring school supplies, but you’ll probably use less than what you think.