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I never thought looking back at my junior year of high school when beginning the college application process, that I would have not only gotten into my dream school but also gone to two different colleges within two years. It was definitely something unforeseeable, but in the end, worth the long, drawn-out process. The idea of college to us in high school, was a time of freedom and new beginnings. The start of new friendships and bonds that would last a lifetime. I had always considered myself an independent person, but not until I was faced with my first year of college did I realize I wasn’t as self-reliant as I had thought.

I realized pretty quickly that it wasn’t the place for me, and that’s okay. I had to come to terms with the fact that it was pretty common for students to transfer, but I felt like an outlier–like I was doing something wrong. I had awesome roommates and friends, but the overall feel of the place just wasn’t me; it didn’t feel like home. I began the process of transferring, feeling the déjà vu from college applications in high school. I spent hours perfecting my application and essays, second-guessing all of my answers. I kept asking myself if I was making the right decision, if the grass was really greener on the other side. I decided to take the chance, and the amount of joy I felt when I received my acceptance letter was incomparable. I began the process of picking out classes and housing and filling out my forms, and even though it was stressful, it was truly so exciting. I counted down the days of summer until I would move into my apartment (even though it’s only 20 minutes away) to begin this new chapter. 

Now, two months into my first semester here at NC State, I can say the hard decision was ultimately worth it. On my first day of class, I immediately felt the sense of community on campus and how much everyone interacted with each other, and I loved it! Transferring colleges isn’t the most common way to go for most people, or what I thought would happen for me, but it’s important to know that if something doesn’t feel right for you, you are allowed to keep an open mind and choose a different path without feeling ashamed or guilty. College is the time for personal growth as we transition into the next stage of our lives, and there are so many experiences and decisions we will go through during this transition. Although I took a different path to get to where I am today, it was ultimately worth it, and I am so excited for what the future holds.

Shailyn is a sophomore at NC State and this is her first year at Her Campus! English and creative writing have always been her favorite subjects and she is excited to be a part of the team. Shailyn resides in the Raleigh area so NC State has always been considered home. She transferred from UNC Charlotte this year. At UNCC, she was on the Dean's and Chancellor's List for her academics. Shailyn is a business administration major, hoping to double major in communications, as well as make plans to study abroad in the future of her career at NC State. Shailyn is originally from The Jersey Shore area and moved to Apex, North Carolina in middle school. Shailyn enjoys living life in the moment with friends and family, whether it is through traveling, exploring places, trying new hobbies, or just chilling together. She is the oldest of two siblings and she has also been a barista for three years! She loves playing sports, reading, writing, coffee shops, and spending time with her loved ones, and her dog Finn. In the future, she wants to travel as much as possible and knows she wants her future career to involve interacting with and helping others.