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The Top Items I’m Searching For While Thrifting

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Thrifting is one of my very favorite things to do. While part of the fun is coming across items you didn’t even know you needed, there are a few items I’ve specifically been looking for lately.

Disclaimer: The idea for this article came to me about a month before it was actually written, so you’ll notice that under some descriptions I’ve very thankfully already found at least a few of the items I was searching for. I can only hope you too get as thrift-lucky as I recently have been.

Brown CORDUROY Pants

These pants come first simply because they have evaded me at every turn. I look for them in both the women’s and men’s pants sections just in case. However, every time I think I’ve finally found the one, they don’t fit. You might be wondering, “why brown pants?” and “why in corduroy specifically?” The answer is that I love brown clothes; they pair well with a lot of other colors and always look great with lots of gold jewelry. I have several pairs of brown pants in my closet already though, so when getting another pair, I’d want them to have something noticeably separating them from the rest. That’s where corduroy comes in. It’s also both cozy looking, and cozy feeling, perfect for the change of seasons.

Long Skirts

I’ve wanted to find some cute long skirts for quite some time, and I’m happy to say I finally have. Long skirts are nice because they allow you to still get dressed up without totally freezing when the weather gets a bit cooler out. An added bonus being that long skirts often perfectly encapsulate the 90s Sabrina Spellman-esque witchy feel that I love for my fall outfits to have. Particularly velvet skirts, like both of the two I recently bought.

Silver Jewelry

As I alluded to earlier in this article, I’ve always leaned more towards gold jewelry. But, I can recognize that sometimes silver is just the better choice. However, my preference for gold lead to me not really ever buying silver, which lead to me not really liking to wear silver because I didn’t ever buy any silver that I liked. Realizing this viscous cycle of a problem, I went on the hunt for more silver rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

I was lucky enough to find some of each and having tested the hypothesis that having cute silver jewelry makes you like wearing silver more. I can confidently say that this guess is correct.

“Hippie” Blouses

I love a good funky, flowy, or fun-sleeved blouse, so I’m always looking for more blouses to pair in new ways with pants, skirts and shorts. 

My favorite recently thrifted blouses is this 70s-style wrap, tie-front blouse with puffy sleeves. I also recently thrifted this bedazzled, equally fun-sleeved blouse.

I love that blouses can be dressed up or down, and can be the sole focus and statement of an outfit or simply be a part of a larger look. Their versatility and ability to stand on their own makes them an item I never pass by in the thrifts.

Sweaters and Sweatshirts

We’ve had “sweater weather” a few times already here in Raleigh, NC, and with cooler months to come there’s no better time than now to start looking in the sweatshirt/sweater section at your local thrift. Any fun knits, comfy turtlenecks, or, *fingers crossed*, college sweatshirts are getting looked at by me. While I do love the fall and the coziness of fall outfits, I find myself clinging to the last of the consistent remaining warmth here. I’m hoping to find sweaters that add a little bit more excitement to my fall wardrobe so I don’t have to cling quite so hard.


While I have yet to ever buy shoes from a thrift store, the bricks on my campus combined with all the walking I do have absolutely destroyed my shoes. Leaving me in need of replacements for when my all of my beloved flats inevitably decide to totally give out. While I do have sneakers to wear, I just don’t really like wearing them that much. So whenever I’m out thrifting I always make sure to look for some slightly less beat up Mary Jane’s than my own, as well as cute loafers or any other flat shoes that look to be in a better state.

Shaere is in her first year at NC State University, where she’s majoring in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. She loves animals and spending time with friends, and is a big fan of tv shows Community and This Is Us. When she isn’t working or writing articles you can find her thrifting, drawing, painting, going for walks in nature, and making handmade cards.