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We’ve all seen the headlines shouting Taylor’s name concerning everything from the Era’s Tour, the Era’s Movie, and even her re-recorded albums; little did I or every other Swiftie expect the headline to be Taylor taking center stage on NFL Sunday. 

So why was Taylor there? Swift was spotted at Arrowhead Studium in Kansas City on Sunday, 9/24/2024. Taylor was spotted sitting next to Donna Kelce, Travis Kelce’s mother, decked out in Chiefs fan gear. The NFL went as far as to give Taylor a spotlight moment on the big screen and from there the Swifties went wild. Twitter exploded with speculation immediately creating fans to jump to theories! Kelce went on the podcast and shares with his NFL brother, Jason Kelce, his disappointment for attending The Era’s Tour and not being able to give Taylor a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it at the concert! 

Why are Swifties so excited? Well for starters, the excitement from the podcast episode drew enough attention from Swifties months ago so that seeing this potential relationship start, makes fans so excited. Following Taylor’s breakup with long time boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, a controversial relationship with Matty Healy was speculated and ultimately ended. Fans are excited for the potential of a new love interest as well as the potential for a new ‘era’ to come out of this potential relationship. A piece of good news Swifties will appreciate is the fact that Taylor was seen leaving the stadium riding shotgun in Kelce’s open topped convertible with no security present. Swifties know this is highly unlike Taylor and shows the comfort she has in Travis! It also gives major Getaway Car vibes…

So did Taylor put Travis on the map? As much as I would like to say yes alongside other Swifties, unfortunately Travis Kelce has made a name for himself. Kelce is known as one of the best tight ends to ever be seen in the league as well as having two Super Bowl wins under his belt. So no, Taylor did not put Travis on the map, but she sure did help him gain 300,000 Instagram followers over night and help sell out the Chiefs next game at MetLife! 

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