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Study Break: Post-It War

Two collegiettes™, weary and crazed from their extensive study session, were in major need of a break. While they sat aimlessly in their dorm room with that blank stare on their faces, cramped hands, mushy minds, and a shared desire to have a little fun, it hit them. Post-it notes were sitting on top of their notebooks, begging with their radiant hues, conveniently sized writing surface, and illustrious sticky form to become part of a brilliantly devised plan. A Post-it war was in effect! The victim: The unsuspecting missing roommate. The tools: Post-its, two sharpies, and random items on the victim’s desk. The mission: to stick Post-its with clever comments on as many items on the victim’s desk as possible. The outcome: laughter and confusion erupted during the process and upon discovery. Needless to say, don’t be surprised if you fall victim to weird happenings on campus this week…exams make us do the strangest things.

Campus Correspondent and Founder of Her Campus NCSU - [email protected] Kristie Demers is a Senior English major at North Carolina State University. When she isn't studying or busy working on campus, Kristie enjoys running, writing, reading, photography, and painting. She volunteered as an athletic trainer for the Cheerleading team freshman year and developed an unwavering devotion for the Wolfpack. This Wisconsin natives passions include traveling, spending time with family and friends, and loving even the little things in life. Although she is down to earth and loves making people smile, Kristie is hard working and welcomes challenges. All that this happy-go-lucky girl dreams for the future is to write for a magazine and live at the beach. In the meantime, her heart lies in the bricks at N.C. State and beats with every chime of the Bell Tower!
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