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This list of songs has been on constant repeat for months! I highly recommend them to everyone because they give me different feelings for any occasion. Before explaining why I have been listening to these songs so much, I am going to divide them into different categories based on the vibes they give, at least according to me. Additionally, a picture that represents the same vibe the song gives. 1. “Hold My Crown” by Henry Verus 2. “m y . l i f e” by J. Cole, 21 Savage, & Morray 3. “Coast” by Haliee Steinfield featuring Anderson .Paak 4. “2AM” by Landon Conrath 5. “Valerie” (COVER) by Rome Hero Foxes 6. “Somebody to Love” by Nicholas Galitzine

Hype “Hold my Crown” by Henry Verus https://pin.it/1XdO6JO I first heard this song promoted on TikTok and it was a teaser for his original release. It took Henry Verus a full year to release this song and I was waiting in anticipation for him to finally drop it. So, whenever I listen to “Hold my Crown” by Henry Verus, it gives me goosebumps. I listen to this song whenever I am having a good day, my hair looks just right and my outfit is on point! I will walk across NC State’s campus vibing to this song. I will also listen to this song when I am working out in the gym doing cardio. I like to imagine little scenarios to this song as I run to keep me distracted from how exhausted I am. I love how his voice sounds and the background music especially. It makes me feel like I am the main character in a movie.

“m y . l i f e” by J. Cole, 21 Savage, & Morray

I have been obsessed with J. Cole recently. My friend played the songs “Wet Dreamz” by him and I have just been binging his music constantly. However, this song personally hits a little harder personally because he talks about his struggles and I related to some of them. I listen to this song while in the gym, but when I am lifting heavy weights. It has the right beat and hype to it that allows me to keep pushing myself through my workouts. Additionally, I listen to this song while I am working on homework because it helps me stay concentrated by reminding me how far I have come from my struggles and to stay focused (currently listening to this song as I write this article)!

Beachy “Coast” by Haliee Steinfield featuring Anderson .Paak https://pin.it/2SCCNoo Personally, I love and adore the beach. My family and I grew up there when I was a child and in the long run I want to move back to the Rhode Island coast. Coast by Haliee Steinfield is one of those songs that you add to your playlist when driving to the beach. I know this was on my beach playlist when I went to Topsail with my friends! This song gives the vibe of having a summertime crush that you will see again but will also never forget once the summer is over. I know that summer is over but this song makes me think back to the warm weather (warm when it’s actually comfortable, not the disgusting sweat-dripping heat when walking in between classes). I like the nostalgic feelings this song brings.

Lovesick “2AM” by Landon Conrath https://pin.it/7a0xCK4 This song reminds me of scenes in coming-of-age movies where the guy is helplessly in love with the main character, but the main character does not know yet. “2AM” is what I believe to be the epitome of a crush song because it talks about going through the talking stage and late night calls. Aside from the song content, I honestly just love Landon Conrath’s voice. I find it very easy to listen to because he has a good range. Also, this song is perfect if the person you are interested in asks for song requests, you can totally send this to them.

Old Throwback “Valerie” (Cover) by Rome Hero Foxes https://pin.it/768r6PS I recently found this song through one of my closest friends. I already loved the original version of “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse, but this song just hits differently. The lead singer’s voice sounds so nice and honestly makes me swoon a little bit. I cannot connect any past memories to this song but I just become so happy when I listen to it.

Silly/Goofy “Somebody to Love” by Nicholas Galitzine https://pin.it/54leiPf This song was sung by Nicholas Galitzine and I love him as an actor. He is more well known in his most recent films, “Red, White, and Royal Blue”, “Purple Hearts”, and “Bottoms”. However, this song comes from when he starred as Prince Charming in the awful remake of “Cinderella”, with Camila Cabello as Cinderella. I love this song because it is a cover of one of my favorite queen songs and I like how Nicholas Galitzine sings it in his own way. Another reason why I like this song is when he sings “everybody wants to put me down…,”(1:45, timestamp in case you want to hear it for yourself) it makes my heart melt.