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Ryan Stairs ’11

Name: Ryan Stairs
Major: Aerospace Engineering c/o 2011
Hometown: Red Springs, NC

1. What is your favorite sport?
My favorite sport to watch is football, but my favorite sport to play is ultimate frisbee.

2. What is your favorite thing about N.C. State?
My favorite part about campus is that there are a lot of open flat spaces to do tricks with my bike. At the same time, there are also hills if I have a need for speed, which I often do.

3. What is your best memory EVER at N.C. State and why?
Picking one single best moment is tough. I would have to say that my whole experience as an RA contained some of my best memories at state. Being an RA really helped me to push against my social comfort zones while at the same time allowing me to listen to and help people.

4. Single? Taken? Looking?
I am single and I suppose that means I’m looking.

5. What is one of your pet peeves?
People who take their “-ism’s” too far.

6. What are you planning to do after you graduate?
After I graduate I would like to attempt an Appalachian Trail thru-hike that will take roughly 5 months. I would then like to find a job in the Aerospace industry working on space applications. Eventually I would like to return to school to pursue my doctorate in Aerospace Engineering.

7. What is your “perfect girl” like?
The ‘perfect girl’ has beautiful eyes. She is of respectable height, athletic without overdoing it, and most likely a blonde. She likes children, the outdoors, concerts, and having a good time in general. She is confident but not arrogant, smart but not socially awkward, and kind. Add in a pinch of sass or a playful attitude, too. Or both. Probably both. That alone is perfect, but the ability to sing would get her bonus points.

8. What is the best Valentine’s Day present you have received or given?
My best given a received Valentine’s Day present both occurred on the same day. I received tickets to the show “Stomp,” which turned out to be most excellent. I gave a series of presents that day. Chocolates for breakfast, an NC State blanket for lunch, and gold earrings for dinner.

9. Any secret talent?
I have a couple secret talents. I can spin a frisbee, pillow, or lightweight book on my finger indefinitely. I am an instinctual cooker, and the general consensus is that I’m good at it. I like to do bike tricks around campus (my bike is bright orange). I can also do headstands and I like to write haikus.

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