Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

If you haven’t already heard about Sally Hansen® Salon Effects real nail polish strips, it’s about time you have! For those girls that love funky nail colors and patterns, but never know how to make those zebra stripes by hand, these are perfect for you! With no drying time, these babies are super easy to put on before you walk out the door.

Valued at $9.99 at most drugstores, you get a box of 16 nail polish strips in various sizes so, you can pick and choose the shape that best fits your nail. You also get a cuticle stick and a mini file and buffer to prep your nails before application. 

The nail strips come in two separate, sealed packages. Be sure not to open them until you are about to apply them as the air will dry the strips out and they won’t be as sticky.

To get the best results, follow the enclosed directions (they’re super easy to follow.) You can see my finished look with the Pink-a-Dot pattern below. 

So, just how long do these last? Well, the package says up to 10 days, and that is what I have experienced. After about a week, the bottom of the strip begins to chip/peel off and that is when you know it’s about time to take them off (unless, of course, you like the whole chipped polish look—whatever suits you!).

These strips are so great, I cannot tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten while wearing them! They’re a fresh new way to complete your look, and with so many patterns to choose from, you can be sure to find at least one you’d love to try!

The patterns I’ve tried are Girl Flower, Spring Fever, and Sweet Marble Floret. I wore Sweet Marble Floret to my brother’s wedding and it totally complimented my bridesmaid dress. I have to say, my nails stood out against all the other girls’ French tip manicures.