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Reid Kohls ’11

This week’s Campus Cutie, Reid Kohls, is a senior in construction engineering and management. Reid is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina; brownie points for coming to N.C. State! This philosophical and laid back cutie loves to travel to learn about history and different cultures while exploring the outdoors. Football is his favorite sport to watch, Lacrosse is his favorite sport to play, and Jui Jitsu is something Reid is interested in learning more about. During a hectic school week, Reid enjoys going out with friends, riding his bike around downtown, running, listening to music, riding motorcycles, playing with his dog and doing anything spontaneous.
Reid is outgoing and fun, but he has his sensitive side too. His most embarrassing dating moment was when he wiped out on the ice rink. This cutie’s hero is his mom, “she made me who I am and I could only hope to lead as good of a life as she has and become as good of a person. She has always supported me no matter what I do.”

While Reid has a lot of studies, he claims that his bad habit is procrastinating and going out with friends. Procrastinator or not, he hopes to one day have his dream home in the mountains.
“I want to avoid working in a cubical at all costs,” he declared. Reid’s dream life consists of becoming an archeologist or a pilot and living with his wife and kids in a three story house with a deck that wraps around the entire second floor.
Though Reid is single right now he says, “I’m happy single until I meet the right girl.” This cutie loves the girls at N.C. State University because they are easy to talk to, smart, not conceded and good looking of course! 

Campus Correspondent and Founder of Her Campus NCSU - kristiedemers@hercampus.com Kristie Demers is a Senior English major at North Carolina State University. When she isn't studying or busy working on campus, Kristie enjoys running, writing, reading, photography, and painting. She volunteered as an athletic trainer for the Cheerleading team freshman year and developed an unwavering devotion for the Wolfpack. This Wisconsin natives passions include traveling, spending time with family and friends, and loving even the little things in life. Although she is down to earth and loves making people smile, Kristie is hard working and welcomes challenges. All that this happy-go-lucky girl dreams for the future is to write for a magazine and live at the beach. In the meantime, her heart lies in the bricks at N.C. State and beats with every chime of the Bell Tower!
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