Real Live College Guy: You Can't Escape Fate

Fate definitely exists. We may not see where our choices lead us, but they do lead to some fate in the future. Imagine if you overslept for your English final exam...You wake up with ten minutes of your exam left and you rush to class to see if you can re-take the test. You run into your professor and apologize for sleeping in and beg to take the final exam. Your teacher says no and you fail the class.  You feel horrible that you failed the class just because you missed the final exam. You are moping as you walk the halls of Tompkins and you are thinking about how you could have passed the final exam (and class) if only you woke up on time. You are about to exit Tompkins as a student asks if you are okay. You tell them that you're fine, but she doesn't buy it. 

This student asks you to go get some breakfast with her. You agree and the two of you start talking about everything. You find out her name is Jane. It just so happens that she is your professor's daughter. She asks her mom to allow you to take the exam over again. Somehow, it works! Your teacher says you can take the exam over again and you are dumbstruck, in disbelief, and grateful. Is this really happening?


Your take the exam over again and pass with flying colors. You are so thankful that you met this student. The story does not end here though. You spend more time with her and you become friends.  You meet a friend of Jane and you do not realize (at that point) that you have actually met your future best friend. His name is Luke. You and Luke become best friends. You both realize that you just love each other so much that you cannot be apart. You end up marrying Luke and you live a wonderful, happy, and a long life. These events all started because you missed your English 262 exam.

Now back to the topic of fate.  Fate exists because all that you are and all that you do is connected to a great point in the future. Don't worry; your fate will happen no matter what choices you make in life.  You have a destiny and a future. The main character in this story would still have met Luke even if she did not miss her final exam.

Let us assume that your dream job is in some far away place like Texas and you are at NC State. Your destiny is to have this job. You would get this job even if you are at N.C. State instead of a college or university in Texas. You would still get this dream job even if you did not go here and went to some college or university in Seattle, Washington (for ex.) Your fate was being fulfilled from birth and will affect not just who your future husband or wife is, but also what career you have, where you live, or what kind of person you become as well as other details of your life. 

The way you get to your fate would change if some details of your life changed.  However, your fate will become fulfilled regardless of where you go or what you do. To sum it up, don't stress and fret over your future (but give your best in friendships and in life) because the future will happen whether you like or not and your future should be one with caring friends and a good life.