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Ranking MCU Projects of 2021:

In 2021, the Marvel Cinematic Universe released several movies and tv shows after rounding out a full year without any releases. Here are my rankings of these 7 projects including my most anticipated upcoming MCU projects!

#7 Eternals

To be brutally honest, I didn’t care for the plot whatsoever. Personally, the only thing I liked about this movie was Sersi (Gemma Chan) and Druig (Barry Keoghan).

#6 What If..?

I actually thoroughly enjoyed watching this series. It gave a whole new perspective to the MCU!

#5 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

This movie was so so good and I absolutely loved the soundtrack!

#4 Loki

Loki brings a whole new aspect to the MCU, the multiverse! This show was a great way to introduce the idea of a multiverse.

#3 WandaVision

This didn’t feel too much like an MCU project until the very end. Great way to officially welcome the Scarlet Witch into the MCU!

#2 Black Widow

Finally got a solo movie for one of the most beloved MCU characters, Natasha Romanoff! Gives fans a new look into Nat’s life while also introducing new, exciting characters. 

#1 The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Personally, one of my favorite MCU projects ever! As a Captain America superfan, I absolutely love how Steve Roger’s legacy was carried on while also giving fans more time with Sam and Bucky!

With two MCU projects left in 2021, fans will get to see the return of Hawkeye in the Disney+ series “Hawkeye” and the return of Spider-Man in “Spider-Man: No Way Home”

Along with these two projects, there are so many exciting things coming out in 2022!

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