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Harry Styles just concluded his 15 night stay at Madison Square Garden as part of his 2022 Love On Tour residency shows. Styles has been known to be the “best dressed musician in the world,” so I obviously had to rank his looks from NYC. His looks for this run of the tour have been quite unpredictable, going from being shirtless in all denim to head to toe sparkles and polka dots, but regardless, he looked great in it all.

15. Night 8

Coming in dead last is this cheer uniform moment. I truly have no words for this one other than the fact that it’s quite possibly my least favorite thing he has ever worn.

14. Night 12

The patterns simply don’t go together and the colors are horrible. I have seen plenty of blue and orange through high school sports teams and Harry was the last person I ever wanted to see these colors on. It also looks as if the shade of blue and orange on the shirt are not the same shade as they are on the bottoms.

13. Night 9

The teal chevron reminds me of the hopes and dreams I had for my bedroom in the third grade, seeing it on Harry was traumatizing. The red overalls could have looked really good had they not been paired with the chevron teal top.

12. Night 10

The patterns match? I guess? I hate the fact that only the bottoms are sequins. This could have been ranked higher if the top was sequin as well, but I think the fact that they are the same pattern but not the same texture is bothering me.

11. Night 2

He looks like a candy cane. There really are no words for this one other than that. It could be so much better but also so much worse.

10. Night 3

I really like these two colors individually, but I don’t think they go well together. Especially with the stripes going in two different directions.

9. Night 11

I really like the matching jacket and pants with the tank top underneath it! I just don’t love the pattern. It’s pretty much the same pattern he wore for night 10, but this variation of it is much better.

8. Night 15

I had really really high expectations for this one. This was his final show of his 15 night run at Madison Square Garden, so I was expecting better. I HATE the chevron, don’t love the colors, and don’t really like how the patterns don’t match. In the words of my roommate, “it looks like something a real housewife would wear to a reunion.”

7.  Night 5

I love the sequins, it’s super fun. Again, I like these two colors individually, just not so much together. I also don’t love the polka dots, probably one of my least favorite patterns he’s worn.

6. Night 1

This outfit is alright. I was expecting more for his opening show in New York, but I think this looks good on him. Like I said earlier, I really like the matching pants and jacket with the tank top, so I can’t complain too much about this one; I just wish it were a bit more extravagant for his opening night.

5. Night 14

I mentioned my distaste for the polka dots earlier, but I think they look great here. I think I only hate them when it’s an overwhelming amount of polka dots, but this is perfect. I really like the pants too. The colors are kind of giving Minnie Mouse, but I’ll let it slide.

4. Night 13

I’ve come to realize that I’ve been contradicting myself with the polka dots, because I loved this. The pink and silver are super cute and I love how it’s entirely sequin.

3. Night 7

Again, love the sequins. Pink is my favorite color, so obviously this entirely pink ensemble made my top three.

2. Night 4

The matching pants and jacket I love. The colors look great together. I may be biased putting this at number 2 because I was there, but I really do think that this was one of his better outfits in NYC. In the words of my mother, “he looks like a dessert.”

1. Night 6

I mean come on now?? Are you seeing this?? This obviously had to be number 1. He looks amazing. I truly wish I could recreate my face when I saw he was wearing this. Jaw dropped. The cherry on the back of the vest was adorable and I LOVE the stars. I think this looks amazing on him and wish he wore more outfits like this.

Not only was this residency a fashion show for Harry, but for his fans as well (which I could argue some were better dressed than he was). Seeing what the fans wore every night brought a smile to my face. Some fans treat the show as if it’s the Met Gala while some come in a simple tee shirt and jeans. Regardless of what they wear, it makes me so happy to see people being in an environment where they feel safe to express themselves. He starts his next long run of shows in Los Angeles soon and I cannot wait to see what he wears!

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