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Ranking All 42 of Harry Styles’ Love On Tour Outfits

In the words of Audrey Hepburn, “Life is a party, dress like it,” and Harry Styles certainly lives by this quote. After a previous postponement due to COVID-19, Harry Styles was finally able to bring his much anticipated Love on Tour across the US. His outfits were nothing short of stylish and I thoroughly enjoyed staying up and watching live streams of every show to see what he was wearing. His stylist, Harry Lambert, was put through the wringer by Styles’ fans regardless of whether or not they loved the outfits he picked or absolutely loathed them. Many fans now claim they will die if they ever see another pair of suspenders. 

All of the outfits that he wore were either ready-to-wear or custom from the fashion house, Gucci,  as Styles is one of the faces of the brand. While most outfits consisted of a button down, suspenders, and wide-leg trousers, each had their own uniqueness to it which is why I wanted to rank every outfit that he wore.


In last place we have the all red ensemble that he wore for his second show in Atlanta, Georgia. I typically love a monochromatic outfit, but this is just too much. He wore this at a time where everyone was complaining that he had worn too much red which is why I had to rank it at the very bottom.


He literally looks just like Miranda Sings. Not exactly the aesthetic I would be going for especially since this was only his second show and followed the pink sparkly ensemble he wore in Las Vegas. 


Talk about boring!!! The shirt’s design was just okay, but the colors look like a used makeup wipe. Sorry Harry, I just can’t get behind this look. 


To me, this is another really boring look. Everyone on Twitter was joking that he looked like Mickey Mouse and I can’t help but agree.


At this point in the tour, this color combination was really overdone. Blue and red were seen consistently and I was really tired of seeing this combination. This one especially lacked any sparkles, feathers, etc.


This outfit is certainly not boring, but he had already worn this shirt at another show and these pants had been seen a thousand times so it just seemed like a recycled outfit, which in the normal world would not be a problem but for Love on Tour, I expected more.


Once again, this is another boring color combo. I typically would not have a problem with white pieces, but partnered with the red made for a really overdone and boring look.


I do really like that the pants and the shirt were satin, but the colors are what totally throw me off of this look. Literally any other colors on the planet (even red) would be better than the taupe and beige colors that were chosen.


These colors were extremely vibrant which I loved, but once again it was the same color combination of blue and red that made this look seem tired.


I do really like the lacey shirt, but the colors once again are why this look is ranked so low. I really do not like how muted the color of the pants are and it overall just gives a dull vibe.


I actually really enjoy this look, but it was very similar to outfits that he wore on his previous tour which is not what I was expecting. I love the shimmer of the top, but it was just too reminiscent of his past tour looks.


These light blue-green pants were repeated over and over and over again which is why this outfit is ranked so low. I actually really do not think this outfit goes together that well. The black suspenders are jarring against the lighter colors of the shirt and pants and it looks like it was thrown together at the very last minute.

30. ST. PAUL

I really like this monochromatic outfit a lot. There is just something about it that isn’t my favorite. I really don’t have any overwhelmingly negative opinions about it, it’s just not my favorite.


Surprise surprise, another red outfit. The shirt detailing is cool, but once again, this is not my favorite look and I think he could have done much better.


I really really love how his black shirt was sparkly. Anything with sequins or rhinestones: sign me up. I like the lilac colored pants and love that the suspenders matched, but compared to some of his other outfits that I will discuss later on, it isn’t as exciting.


Like for Chicago Night 1, I like how the shirt is sparkly and how the pants are a nice pastel (this time it is blue) but it could be considered boring when compared to other looks. 


This shirt is definitely fun, but once again seems very redundant when compared to other shirts he wore on this tour as well as the last tour. To also pair this shirt with the black pants feels boring to me. 


Once again, this is another fun outfit and I love how he matched his outfit to be like Cinderella since he was in Orlando, but the pattern of the shirt is not my favorite which is why it is ranked so low.


This is the exact same outfit that he wore in Orlando but in purple. I like the colorway of this look better which is the only reason why I ranked it above Orlando, but at the end of the day it is virtually the same outfit. 


I actually love the brightness of the colors in this outfit. It just overall feels very dull due to the lack of sparkles, feathers, etc. The vibrance of the teal does make up for those absences but not enough to rank it higher.


I was so disappointed when I saw this outfit, especially after seeing the first outfit that he wore in the Big Apple. I did like that it was different from his typical suspenders, but it just did not feel like something that he would typically wear to perform. 


Like his night three outfit in New York, I was disappointed when I saw this look. I was expecting so much more. I thought the polka dot pants were adorable but Twitter seemed to disagree. Like I said before, this did not feel like something that he would typically perform in which is why I was let down.


I absolutely love this top. When I saw him come on stage in this PINK SPARKLY dream of course I freaked out. The only reason that I ranked this at twenty was because of the pants. This color combo was so overdone and I was tired of seeing it.

19. DC

Purple looks great on Styles, but so does every other color so maybe that’s not the strongest point. This shirt is so beautiful and intricate and I love the floral detailing. I think this was a really fun look and I love that it is monochromatic.


Although this may seem like a boring look, I absolutely love it. The pink and blue pay the perfect homage to the signature colors of his album “Fine Line” (which he was touring) and I love that he decided to go with this combo.


I never thought that I would like an orange outfit, and this one is definitely an exception. I love the fabric on the shirt and overall think that this is one of the coolest outfits he wore on tour.


THESE PANTS!!!!! I love these pants so much. They are the best ones that I think he wore on the whole tour. Although this color combo was overdone, the fabric and pattern on the pants is so fun so this outfit gets a pass.


I am really glad that Harry ditched the suspenders for Houston because their original show was canceled two hours before it was supposed to start due to a hurricane and they did not deserve to suffer through a basic suspenders outfit after all of the trauma that they had previously gone through. In all seriousness this outfit came as a shock to everyone because it was a reversed version of the same outfit that he wore in Glendale. However, the pattern and the fabric of the shirt are beautiful and I love that it sparkled.


As I mentioned, his outfit in Houston came as a shock to everyone because it was this outfit just reversed. The fabric from the Houston shirt was used for these pants. He opted for the same cream colored blouse that he wore in New York on night 2 for an unexpected but pretty outfit.


I know I know I know, everyone seems to think that Raleigh not only had the worst show, but the worst outfit. Obviously I beg to differ but I am a bit biased because this was the show that I attended. To everyone saying that the show sucked, it most definitely did not. It was one of the best concerts of my entire life and I wish I could go back for just one more song. As for his outfit, I am a huge pink fanatic so watching him pop up on stage in my favorite color left me freaking out and screaming with my best friend. So maybe I am a bit biased, but this outfit will always hold a special place in my heart and there was absolutely no way I could rank it any lower.

12. LA NIGHT 3

I was disappointed at this outfit, but still loved it. I was expecting something grander and more sparkly but this look is still fun. The vest did look very cheap though and I couldn’t stop thinking about how he was probably leaving strands of it everywhere he went, but I love that it was paired with the mint pants (Which many fans think is an Easter egg for the highly anticipated HS3).


This. Shirt. Is. Everything. As you have probably gathered by now, I am a huge fan of anything pink and sparkly so I was pretty much guaranteed to love this outfit. It reminded me of his Raleigh outfit but “fun” and I will always be jealous of San Jose for the fact that they got this top.


TOP TEN EVERYONE!!! To start off my top ten I have the outfit from his final show. He wore a gold, sparkly, fringe vest and black pants. The entire look reminded me of his song “Golden” for obvious reasons and I think it was the perfect outfit to cap off his 42-date tour.


Black and sparkles are the perfect combo. Styles looked like a goth disco ball in the best way possible. I absolutely loved this outfit and in every video I saw from this show, he was completely shining even more than he already does.


I was hesitant to rank his Harryween looks, but they are a part of the tour so I felt like it was necessary. With that being said, I am jealous of every single individual who got to attend both nights of Harryween. For the second night of his Halloween party concert in New York, Styles wore this fluffy cream clown outfit with black sequined detailing on the front. I was definitely not expecting this outfit but he wore it to sing “Medicine” for the first time on the tour so that in itself makes the outfit iconic. 


HARRY STYLES AS DOROTHY?!?!?! Are you kidding!! I was not expecting this at all but loved it so much. The entire outfit was absolutely adorable and the detailing was insane. The boots were my favorite part. They were made to look like Dorothy’s ruby slippers with blue socks and I somehow need Alessandro Michele to make me a pair.


I am totally infatuated with this shirt. It looks like a holographic blue disco ball and I love it. The photographs from this show are so stunning and I catch myself staring at them when scrolling through Instagram. I was definitely not expecting this look for somewhere like Little Rock simply because he has only brought out unique outfits in massive cities like New York, Nashville, and LA.


Iconic. That’s the only word I can use to describe this satin cream-colored matching vest and pants set that Styles wore for his second show in Nashville. He looked so good and I think he embodied a true rockstar wearing this outfit.

4.  LA NIGHT 1

I can’t lie when I say that I did not love this outfit when I initially saw it, but when more and more photos came out, the more it grew on me. This look screams “grandma’s cut-up rug chic” and I’m obsessed. You could tell from the videos of him performing that he was extremely happy to be in LA and the outfit complimented his enthusiasm perfectly. 


WHAT A WAY TO START THE TOUR!!!! There is video footage of me watching a livestream of the show and actually shedding tears when I saw this outfit, so that’s not embarrassing at all. It’s PINK AND SPARKLY so of course I would love it. Like in LA for night one, you could tell that he was so happy to be performing (and this was for the first time since the pandemic had started) and the outfit just made his entire performance complete. 


ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! This suit was and still is absolutely everything. I love that it is oversized. I love that it is sparkly. I love the color. I love the entire suit. I think you get the point. Styles looked incredibly radiant in this outfit and I won’t lie when I say that I want this suit in my closet.


THIS SUIT OH MY GOD. I was live streaming this show (as I did with most of them) and gasped so loudly when I saw him that my parents thought something bad happened to me. The furry sleeves are everything and Styles looked so much like a rockstar in this ensemble. This look just works so well and I am so thankful that Harry Lambert chose this suit. I loved this look so much, I printed out a photo of it and hung it in my dorm room the next day so I could look at it everyday. 

Harry Styles’ Love on Tour was a fashion show for not only him, but his fans. I am really sad to see his tour ending, but I am extremely excited to see his looks for the UK leg of the tour (he says that it will happen sometime in 2022 so we’ll see) and to see his future looks in general. What can I say, I love Harry Styles and I love fashion and he makes it so easy to love both at the same time. 

Cameron is a freshman at NC State University and is from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is obsessed with pop culture, fashion, and Timothée Chalamet. She hopes to work at Vogue magazine after graduating.
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