Open Piano in CHASS Inspires Students

CHASS, the college of humanities and social sciences, has one of the most relaxing study lounges on campus. It leads the pack among the best place to get a little reading in before class with it's floor to ceiling windows overlooking the court of carolina, comfy couches and chairs, large tables, a sufficient kitchen area, quick-reference computers, information desks, and the ever-so-necessary squeeky wooden floors that make it even more legit of a "collegiette's" study place. 

But the gem sometimes hidden beneath a black overlay is the open piano, calling to student and staff passer-bys. Anyone can play on the piano, and when they do, it is known that more and more students and staff end up resting in the study, to eat, to text, or to gaze out the windows - but mostly, to hear that uplifting and moving music. It's not everyday we are exposed to the sound of classical, live music like that, so when we hear it - we immediately inhale every note and exhale our previous worries and qualms of our stressful day.