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Many college students know about the famous Halloweekend, which is the weekend before or after Halloween. Many celebrate this weekend by dressing up in their best costumes while being on the hunt to find the next ‘IT’ Halloween party of the year. While many know of the fun festivities of Halloweekend, not many discuss the loneliness this weekend can cause.

 Many women, such as the TikTok user @simmplyemmily, have experienced not planning their Halloween costumes simply because no one has invited them to join their Halloween festivities. She then goes on to discuss being ‘chronically excluded’ from her friends’ fun activities all her life. She finishes her TikTok by telling her audience that they are not alone in their experience of being excluded from Halloweekend.

This goes into the greater issue of loneliness that everyday college students experience. Simply put, when an individual sees that their peers or friends are out partying without them, it makes them feel incredible FOMO. Just understanding the message ‘you are not alone’ can help many college students understand and overcome these negative feelings.

In the grand scheme of things, if you are alone this Halloween with no plans, change this experience from a negative thing to a positive thing. This could be a perfect time for you to take care of yourself by watching a horror movie and carving a pumpkin. Listen to some horror songs, or maybe even ask the person down the dorm hall to hang out with you. Who knows? They may be alone this Halloween too!

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