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My Top 5 Simple, Inexpensive, Big-Little Reveal Themes

For my fellow girls in sororities here at NC State, big-little reveal week is upon us! Though I am unable to take a little this semester, my brain has nevertheless been buzzing with ideas for themes for big-little reveals that I would love to do when it comes time for me to take my little in the spring. It can be difficult to come up with fun, original ideas to do for your reveals, so here are some of my favorite simple and fun big-little reveal ideas. 

#1- Cheetah Girls:

I think this theme is timeless and a cute ode to a childhood classic, plus it’s also the perfect excuse to wear a cute, comfy velvet tracksuit. This is also a great theme that involves your big and other members of your family as you can all be dressed up together if you happen to have twins or a larger family. Just throw on a cute tracksuit, some sneakers and you’re all set!

#2- Decades:

I envision this as each member of your family could take a different decade to dress up as, or you pick your favorite decade for you and your little. This allows for a lot of creative liberty and ability to cater to your little and your perspective styles. Decade specific clothes are cheap and easy to acquire if you don’t have the basics in your closet at a local thrift store, or if you’re really in a crunch, Amazon truly does have everything you’d ever need. This theme also caters really well to big families, but works just as well for a big little duo! 

#3- Bob Ross:

This is definitely a theme for a little with a bit of a sense of humor that’s down for wearing a big curly wig. All you really need is any color button down shirt, khakis or jeans, and a curly red haired wig. If you wanted to add more props you could add a painter's palette and some brushes, and maybe decorate a sign with woodland creatures or scenery. This theme works really well for big little duos and is so wholesome and fun for anyone that loves art or simply loves Bob Ross, because who doesn’t love Bob Ross! 

#4- Frat Boys:

Once again this is for a little that has a bit of a sense of humor, but I think this theme never gets old! Grab a red solo cup, shorts, a collared shirt, a backwards hat, and if you’re feeling adventurous maybe even draw on a bit of facial hair, and Brad and Chad are ready to give their littles an unforgettable reveal. This theme works great for just a big little duo, but I think it would also be so fun to include your family and get your big and other members of the family involved to welcome your little to the best brotherhood. 

#5- PowerPuff Girls:

I wanted to include one theme that would work super well for girls that are taking twins or triplets, as coming up with dynamic trios can be a bit more of a challenge. I think this theme is so cute and inexpensive, it can easily be done with a little black skirt, some pigtails, a green, blue and pink t-shirt, and sugar spice and everything nice. If you have triplets, you as the big could dress up as the dad, Doctor Utonium, with a lab coat and glasses and add a fourth character to the reveal so everyone is in theme!

I hope you could get some inspiration from theme simple and inexpensive themes, and have the best big little reveal! 

My name is Halle Speight and I'm a sophomore at NC State University with a major in communication media studies!
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