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Who knew a day about love would spark so much controversy?

When talking to my friends about Valentine’s Day, there are usually some pretty pointed and spirited responses on the holiday. The general consensus is that it qualifies as a real holiday, but is generated from commercialism and the greeting card industry. Not only that but the fact that it FORCES you to show appreciation to your partner (as if you don’t already). Not everyone I talked to had this much pessimism, however. My roommate said she loved the holiday and everything about it. Candy, chocolate, extra love in the air, etc. This was then responded to with immediate backlash on the pitfalls of too high expectations for a day created by Hallmark. 

Whether your feelings towards the day of love are positive or negative, I believe that it is a day to make your own. Do not let the expectations fed to us from the media guide you, but let some cynicism go. Personally, I take it as a day to celebrate with my mom. We will send each other a note and sometimes so chocolate just as a sweet appreciation. It is a tradition I cherish, so the day is a happy one, but it is not filled with crazy expectations of getting swept off my feet. So, in my opinion, the day is one to show appreciation to those you love in small ways. It doesn’t even have to be romantic.

Hey!! I am Olivia Slatton. I am a sophomore at NC State majoring in Communication with a Public Relations concentration
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