My Case for Menstrual Cups

For the absolute longest time I would see ads for Diva Cups on Youtube videos and immediately skip. I did not even consider that this could be a comfortable or viable option for me and to be honest I was just scared. Little did I know that getting a menstrual cup would literally change my life, and it can change yours too if you’re just open to trying! The idea of putting anything new near or inside your lady parts can be super intimidating, but let me give you the rundown on all of the awesome benefits of trying out this product.


    I don’t know about you, but efficiency is huge for me. As a busy college student, most days feel like I am running from place to place and barely have time just to rest, nonetheless change a tampon 4+ times a day! Menstrual cups can stay in for up to 12 hours, rivaling tampons 6-8 AND you can sleep in them. So for me, this means emptying it once at night before sleep, and then once in the morning, and then I am good for the day. Not only is it a quick and easy occasional change, but these cups can also typically hold double to triple the amount of blood of a super-plus tampon and the way that they’re made as a suction cup ensures that they will not leak, so no more unwanted stains on underwear or clothing. When it comes to timeliness and staying fresh, menstrual cups are such a great option. 


    Not only does use a menstrual cup have positive effects on you and your lifestyle, but it also is an extremely sustainable option to help save the earth. These cups can last up to years at a time with proper care, unlike one-time use pads and tampons, which women use tens of thousands of in their life, causing an extreme amount of plastic waste (Organicup for more). Menstrual cups are just one of many ways to move towards a more waste-free lifestyle that is becoming more and more necessary! Using products like this also saves tons of money over the span of a woman’s lifetime, saving hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

  3. 3. COMFORT

    Similarly to convenience, the amount of relief and comfort that I felt after starting to use menstrual cups was a game-changer for me. Though there has been no clinical trial, many women, including myself, report lessened cramps while using a menstrual cup (like seriously - mine have disappeared). Also, though many say that they cannot feel it when they have a tampon in, I know that I have always been able to, as it did not always stay in place and could cause some discomfort, but this is not the case with menstrual cups. When I have mine in, I genuinely forget that I am on my period. You really cannot feel it once it is in and it stays in place all day.

Though there are many huge benefits to using a menstrual cup, I can admit that there are a few downsides as well. It definitely takes some getting used to the insertion, as well as the emptying. Getting used to the feeling of inserting it is similar to a tampon, it is just a learning curve that you quickly get used to. When it comes to emptying, it can be a bit squeamish at first to have to see and dump your own blood, as well as cleaning the cup before putting it back in, but again it is something you get used to, and it gives you a new level of appreciation for the female body and all that it can do! You also need to make sure that you are taking care of your cup and keeping it clean and disinfected between uses to avoid any type of smell. 


Though there are a few drawbacks, I still believe that using a menstrual cup is 100% worth it though. This product has made such a huge difference for me during one of the worst times of the month and just made dealing with menstruation that much better and I highly suggest you try it.