Michael Drew Hatcher '14

Name: Michael Hatcher
Year: 2014
Relationship Status: Single
Hometown: Rockingham, NC
Ideal first date:

Something simple, like dinner and maybe a walk downtown or a movie. You can't play all your cards on the first date.

Favorite restaurant:
The Parson's Table in Little River

Favorite quote:
"I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen, not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else." - C.S. Lewis

Hidden talent:
I like to freestyle, haha. I don't like doing it in front of large groups of people, but I have written stuff too.

Most embarrassing moment:
One time I tried to impress someone by putting a long quote in spanish on their facebook wall. I thought they were hispanic. Turns out they spoke french.

Favorite vacation spot:
Anywhere in the mountains, preferably in winter.

Best memory at NCSU: The last week of classes last year, when everybody was just hanging out on Owen Beach. No stress from finals had set in yet, and the weather had just gotten warm enough to sit outside.
Best quality in a girlfriend:
Best? How about most important? Her faith in Christ.

Most rewarding experience:
Most rewarding? Well, Jesus told us to make fishers of men. I guess knowing that I have somehow helped someone learn about Jesus and His sacrifice is the most rewarding thing I can do.

Dream job/aspirations:
Im in Biological Engineering, so I would love to be able to help develop a new green eco fuel, or maybe a better way to produce biofuels.

Favorite novel:
The Hobbit is the only novel that I have read more than once.