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Looking Into an Internship? Here’s What I’ve Learned at Mine

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NCSU chapter.

It FINALLY happened: I started my first actual real-world office internship. I have my own desk, parking spot, and a *work* laptop. It is on the top floor of an actual office building and I even have coworkers that talk about things like 401Ks (which I still know nothing about).

The company I work for is called Issuer Direct. My job is News Desk Intern. In short, I wait for companies to send us press releases and when they do, I edit these press releases and schedule them to be published. Some of the press releases I work on have been picked up by the Boston Herald, Wall Street Journal, and Yahoo Finance.

Through my past week and a half in a real person job, I have already learned some great lessons that transcend through more than just the working world. So, before starting your first big internship or job, these are what I have taken away so far:

It’s okay to not know what you’re doing

They don’t expect you to! Everyone at Issuer Direct understands I am in college and have never worked at a News Desk before. In fact, most of the people who work at the News Desk were interns prior to being offered full-time positions. They understand not only you don’t know how to do everything on your first day, and they also are aware that this internship might not be exactly what you want to do. If you talk to people above you and explain how you feel, they are very willing to help you figure out where you want to be. Going off of that, make sure you’re not afraid to:

Ask for help

Everyone I work with is happy to proofread any press releases I was working on before I pressed send in the beginning. Everyone is also appreciative when I am willing to try more challenging press releases than I have been previously been working on, even if it requires more hands-on assistance from everyone else. 

It can be fun!

Maybe Issuer Direct is just the best place to work ever, but they bring in food for employees, decorate desks for birthdays, and there is a Halloween costume contest next Friday (spoiler: I’m pulling out a Freddie Mercury costume). Issuer Direct has taught me that a real job can be enjoyable and productive. If anything, it is such an efficient work environment because everyone enjoys each other’s company and the supportive atmosphere.

Everyone is incredibly compassionate

My apartment is around a seven-minute drive from the office in Raleigh, and I do not have a car. Due to this, I take a bus to Issuer Direct. When I told everyone there this situation, they immediately expressed that they weren’t comfortable with me taking the bus home at night alone. Every single time I need to go home, everyone asks and makes sure I either have a ride from my friends, or one of them drives me back without animosity. Additionally, for around two weeks I was sick with a terrible cold, sore throat, and pink eye. Everyone was more concerned about my health than my attendance. They had no problem with me working virtually and checked in numerous times to make sure I was well and if I needed time off. 

With both of these situations, hearing my coworkers worry about my safety and caring more about my well-being really reminded me of the human element of working in the real world. Especially as an intern or recent graduate, everyone wants each other to succeed.

Overall, I have has an incredible time interning at Issuer Direct. I love the daily components of the job I am doing, how much I am learning, and most importantly the company itself. More than anything, I would recommend when finding your first internship or job, find the right environment that fits your needs. Half of what I have learned and why I feel I am succeeding in the position I have now is because I have incredible influences that make me comfortable enough to continue growing.

“Our family is HUGE and includes musicians, skydivers, beer enthusiasts, an Emmy nominee, an ex-pro basketball player, a former radio personality, professional dart players, volunteer firefighters, ping pong power players, a horse whisperer, cheerleaders, a resident standup comedian…

Our diverse backgrounds, perspectives and talents are what make our company exceptional and excel.”

– Issuer Direct Corporation

Hi! My name is Isabella Castineyra, I am a senior majoring in communication media with minors in journalism and criminology. I am from Boston originally, so I am all for Boston sports teams (go Pats)! I love taking naps, listening to Billy Joel, and rewatching the same shows over and over again. Go Pack!!