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From Knits to Silks: Fall Fashion for the College Woman

Fall: great weather, beautifully colored leaves, and possibly the best season for dressing. But as collegiettes, it’s hard to grab anything other than sweatpants and a high school sweatshirt out of our closets. From running across a 2,110 acre campus for class, to sitting through tiresome lectures, comfort seems to triumph over style 99% of the time. But this season, the “comfortable fashionista” no longer needs to be an oxymoron. From Fashion Week runways, to your wardrobe, here are some of the season’s top trends. Discomfort not included.

Connect the (Polka) Dots:

With two designers putting the same print on the runway, this is a bona fide trend. Put a playful spin on an everyday outfit with a polka-dot blouse or scarf and you’re sure to connect with the eyes of passerby.

MAXImize Your Skirt:
Maxiskirts are an exceptional alternative to jeans or leggings without having to compromise comfort for style. Pairing a full-length beauty with a chunky knit sweater is a great way to be trendy, yet comfy enough to catch some z’s in class. (Not that we’re recommending this.)

Slit it up:
You worked all summer to stay tan. Now flaunt those sexy legs by wearing a long skirt complete with a slit. We all have to trek long distances to class, but these slits are made for walkin’. Now you can strut your stuff around campus with ease.

Embrace the Lace:
Dig out those lace blouses from your grandmother’s closet because this trend is back and ready to take on campus. Pairing this with menswear-inspired pieces is a great way to balance out the sexy we all associate with lace (and the bedroom!)

That 70’s Style:
High-waisted flared trousers, crop tops, velvet, and peasant inspired clothing will make you look hip, even in this decade.

Silky Smooth:
According to top fashion blogger Chelsea, the name behind vogueweekend, all women should invest in a silk button-down. You can pair it up with almost anything that’s in our wardrobe. Added plus: silk feels great on your skin.

Pants on Fire:
Bright pants are making a comeback! This flashy trend may not be for everyone, but it’s a great way t
to liven up the dark layers we tend to put on at the end of the season.

Loaf of Men:

Sometimes, it’s okay to look like your boyfriend! Include loafers, suspenders, bowties, and tweed blazers to your wardrobe for masculine inspired looks. But don’t forget to add high heels, skirts, or jewelry to feminize a heavily masculine look- after all; you don’t want to show up the boyfriend.

Color me Softly:
Pay attention to wine colors, mustard tones, and sorbet hues this season. The air is crisp and nippy, but there’s no need to be drab.

As for the perfect Fall outfit for us industrious college women, blogger Chelsea shared her ideas!
“My ideal outfit would be a pair of dark wash or black skinny jeans, a silk button down in a sorbet hue, a statement necklace, and a pair of flat ankle boots. You could even bring along a leather jacket, blazer, or a cardigan for the days where it’s a little chilly outside (or inside!)”

This season, being comfortable and stylish c’est très facile! Comfort zones are non-existent when it comes to designers’ Fall collections, so it’s easy to find inspiration- whatever your style! Whether you have an 8am class or a 12pm, whether you’re studying at the D.H. Hill or getting food from the Atrium, campus is your runway, so strut with flair!

Our good friend Chelsea has some great advice for you collegiettes:
“I too have fallen under the sloppy college girl spell, and let me just say that nothing feels better than getting a little dressed up for class. As long as you’re comfortable, you’ll emit a strange confidence that everybody truly does notice.”

Looking for style tips? Want to find some inspiration? Follow Chelsea’s blog at http://

Gwendolyn is a senior at North Carolina State University, majoring in Fashion and Textile Management and is the current Co-Campus Correspondent of the NCSU chapter of Her Campus. She has a concentration in Brand Management and Marketing and hopes to obtain a career in the fashion PR/Marketing business. Because of her interest in publications she had the great opportunity to intern in the the fashion department at Marie Claire Magazine in NYC where she made connections with many editors and the future of the fashion industry: interns. At NCSU, she is an active member of Sigma Alpha Omega® Christian Sorority, and Leadership in Action. An avid tailgater and lover of every brick on NC State's Campus, Gwendolyn definitely bleeds Wolfpack Red.
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