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Kathryn Daniel ’12

Name: Kathryn Daniel
Graduation year: 2012
Major: Biological Business

Favorite Quote: “A practically perfect woman never lets sentiment muddle her thinking.” -Mary Poppins
Favorite t.v show: Dr. G, Medical Examiner
Favorite thing to do: Ballet, working out, church activities, traveling
Do you have any pets: Yes! A brown and white Cocker-Poo named Buster and a Beta Fish named Tony
Favorite place to go: New York City!!!!!

10 things most people don’t know about you:
1) Despite the fact that I am a ballerina, I’m extremely clumsy.
2) I could talk about genetics for hours.
3) I can repair almost any article of clothing with a needle and thread.
4) I hate celery.
5) I’m blind without my contacts.
6) Both of my cousins are red heads…
7) I have a terrible time making eye makeup look right.
8) My mother is one of my best friends.
9) I read books!
10) Vacuuming is my favorite household chore.

Ideal Date: One filled with laughter!
What do you want to do after you graduate? I am going to audition for a few ballet companies, apply for grad school, but it is more likely that I will begin to teach ballet full time (I teach part time currently).
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