Jaycee McCarthy '15

Name: Jaycee McCarthy
Major: Business Admin. Marketing
Hometown: Orange County, CA

Reason for nomination: Jaycee is my girlfriend,  she is the sweetest, most caring girl ever! Honestly all she does is help me, her best friends and all her future sisters. She is really intelligent and works hard to make sure everyone around her is happy. Honestly, she is pretty, funny, smart, caring, sympathizes with anyone and will drop everything to help me when I need it. There is no one else who I think deserves it more than her!

Hobbies and interests: Spending time with my friends and boyfriend, drawing & country music concerts.

Where would one find you around campus? In the on campus coffee shop.

Favorite Wolfpack tradition? Tailgating for homecoming- of course.

Favorite snack? Swedish fish, yumm.

Dream job? Working for Facebook in the marketing department.

Best pickup line? Hagrid isn't the only giant on campus, if you know what I mean. (Everyone knows how much of a Harry Potter fan I am!)

What kind of animal would you be and why? Leopard! They are my favorite animal and fast, since I like to run, it makes sense.

What actor would you get married to and why? Bradley Cooper- why wouldnt you get married to him?

Favorite movie? The Wizard of Oz & The Breakfast Club.

Favorite TV show? Grimm

Pet peeves? Being asked the same question multiple times- even after I have answered them.

Embarrassing guilty pleasure? Obsessively shopping online...

Girls need to know that... No matter what happens in your life, the key thing to remember is to be strong. No one can love you as much as you can love yourself.

Best Feature? My smile.

What is something people are surprised to know about you? I am secretly a tomboy at heart. I love camping and fishing and more!

Favorite song at the moment?? Rodney Atkins, If you're going through hell.

If there were a slideshow of your life, what kind of pictures would we expect to see? My awkward teen years, a ton with all my best friends and boyfriend, and me enjoying my college life!