Inside Potential NFL Player: Terrell Manning

Terrell, if you could sum up this past season in one word, how would you explain it and why?

Triumph. The football team went through a lot but stayed together and made it a successful season, even with injury and everything we went through in the beginning.

What do you think turned this team around in the second part of the season?

Just having everyone back and healthy. Myself included.

What will be the best memory that you take away from the past season?

The win over Clemson. No one believed that we could do it but us. We not only won, but it wasn't even close.

What made you decide to attend NC State over the other schools that offered you a scholarship?

I really don't know why I fell for State. Because of State fans; they fell for me and the game atmosphere was the best. Plus I'm a "home" guy being from North Carolina. 

If you intend to stay in the draft, what is the most important thing you will take away from your time at State?

Just the games and the relationships I've made with people. 

What made you decide to enter the NFL Draft?

At the end of the last year's season I felt that Nate, Audie, I were the best linebackers in the nation and I actually wanted to check my stock then even though I knew I wasn't ready. I really want to fulfill my dreams of playing in the NFL and getting hurt this season only made me remember what happened in high school when I tore my ACL. I couldn't let that happen again. God blessed me with a chance to still come back early and fullfil that dream. An opportunity comes around once in life; grasp every opportunity that is presented to you, and that's what guided my decision.

If you were in an interview and teams were asking you to sum up your play on the field, how would you describe it?

Intense. I love to be the physical presence out on the field, no matter who is on it with me.

After spending so much time with Tom O’Brien, what can you say about him that most people don’t know about him?

He is just pretty much what he presents himself to be.

If you could choose any team in the NFL, which team would you like to go to the most?

Any team that wants me, I want them.

Do you have a pregame ritual and if so, what is it?

I get up everyday before the game without an alarm, probably 5am, and just sit in the dark in a hot bath tub and think about life and what I've been through. I compare it to the struggles on the field and just believe that I am going to play well.

If you stay in the draft, we wish you the best of luck, but is there anything you would like to say to your fans and the people that supported you through your career at NC State?

To my fans: just continue to support me and understand my decision.

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