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The Incredible History and Impact of Rolling Stone Magazine

The hallmark American music magazine began in 1967 and has been defining and changing popular culture ever since. Rolling Stone blossomed into the world-renowned platform it is today from the collaboration of writer Jann Wenner and music critic Ralph J. Gleason. They believed that the world desperately needed and deserved a “rock and roll newspaper” and they proved to be absolutely right. In its 53 years, Rolling Stone has served as a must-read for any music fan; providing all that is music, news, politics, and reviews.Though its success is widely recognized, the magazine wasn’t always the superstar it is now. Rolling Stone has humble roots that began in a warehouse in 1967 San Francisco, founded as a simple expression of the importance of passion, music, and truth. These core values have remained a key part of the production of the magazine for over 50 years and will continue to ground it for years to come. Even through its extraordinary metamorphosis into a media giant, Rolling Stone has kept its foundation intentions a priority. From the start of the magazine, Wenner’s goal was to produce content that reflected the swiftly changing popular culture and the growing importance of music culture. The magazine has long since been defining the trends and artistic tastes of the public and creating an outline for popular culture. Through content forms ranging from reviews of current music to articles describing current political activity, Rolling Stone has always been an important media source for anyone in pursuit of knowledge, culture, and passion.
Now with over 1,000 issues released, Rolling Stone has grown into something bigger than its founders had ever dreamed it could be. In addition to the articles, millions of readers have enjoyed the iconic magazine covers featuring hundreds of legendary music figures. Landing the cover of Rolling Stone has become a badge of honor for musical artists and is seen as a symbol of high success. To any music fan, Rolling Stone is more than a magazine. It is a community at the conjunction of music and media. It is a place where passionate and intelligent writers share important news, political information, and music culture thrives. It is a place where readers can learn and indulge in their passion for music. Rolling Stone pioneered coverage of music in the media and continues to set the standard for music journalism and popular culture.
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