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How to Have the Best Valentine’s Day for Each Love Language

The 5 love languages: Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Giving/Receiving Gifts, and Quality Time are a great way to better understand how you want to be loved and how you love others! In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I came up with some ideas for each Love Language for you to feel extra special on the 14th.

Before you keep reading, take this quiz to find out your top love languages. Then, Find out what your ideal Vday entails, whether you’re by yourself, with your partner, or with your girls.

Physical Touch

What to do: Give yourself a hug. I know that sounds weird, but squeeze tight! If you have a date night planned, some options to optimize touch are a night downtown (and dance like no one’s watching ;)) or a movie night with lots of cuddling (scary movies are my go-to). If you’re with the gals, hug them! Not everyone is a hugger, so make sure it’s okay before you do!

What to buy: A weighted blanket! It’s like a warm hug, and they also provide benefits for anxiety and depression. I really like this one from Amazon that is 15 pounds.

Ideal gift (If this is your friend or partner’s love language): a hug, kiss, or even a massage! It’s free :)!

Words of Affirmation

What to do: Text your friends! Or your family, or your significant other. Tell them how much they mean to you and that you’re thinking of them on Valentine’s Day. They most likely will do the same. Take the time to write down some affirmations for yourself as well. What are you proud of yourself for? What do you love about yourself? 

What to buy: A journal! You can write down your affirmations in it or ask your friends to write something short and sweet for you to look back on.

Ideal gift: one of those jars with all of the things you love about them would make your words of affirmation friend/partner feel extra special!

Acts of Service

What to do: Have a self care night! Those with Acts of Service as their love language take care of everyone around them, so take care of yourself for a change! 

What to buy: Think of your least favorite chore. Is it washing dishes? Vacuuming? Treat yourself to something that makes this chore easier. Maybe it’s a dish soap that cleans grease faster, or a roomba so you don’t have to vacuum anymore!

Ideal gift: For those who appreciate Acts of Service, actions speak louder than words. Do a chore that’s been stressing them out, or plan the date so they don’t have to!

Giving/Receiving Gifts

What to do: Three words. Treat. Yo. Self. Buy yourself coffee. Or a new outfit for your Vday plans (whether it’s pajamas or a new dress). You can also plan a gift exchange with your friends or your boo. If you’re short on funds, set a price limit! A thoughtful gift doesn’t have to break the bank.

What to buy: This is an easy one! I’ll say it again. Treat yourself! Buy that item that’s been sitting in your shopping cart for weeks. Treat your friends too! Buy Valentine grams through HerCampus through our instagram @hercampusncsu.

Ideal Gift: For the gift lover in your life, thoughtfulness is more important than price. Have they mentioned that they wanted to try a new makeup product? Did they run out of bubble bath? Buy it for them!

Quality Time

What to do: Spend time with the people you love! Whether that’s your partner, your friends, or your pet. Plan or go to a party, a movie night, maybe even a fun cookie decorating soiree. If big plans aren’t your thing, plan a Facetime date with a friend from home or your family.

What to buy: A card game! I think a game like the We’re Not Really Strangers deck could be a great way to feel close with your loved ones this Vday. You can play them with your SO, your besties, they even have a set for you to play by yourself!

Ideal Gift: Plan an outing! Spend meaningful time with your Quality Time person by spending the day together.

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Dahlia is a sophomore at NC State majoring in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and minors in Spanish and Sociology. She loves fashion, astrology, her dog, and a good romance novel. After graduation, she hopes to run social media teams for large corporations.
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