How To Look Chic For Cheap

For all you broke babes out there considering making an OnlyFans account just to make rent this month or asking Mom and Dad to add some more moolah to your account, yet you still need to keep it fashionable: oh, do I have some wisdom to share with you. 

Everyone wants to dress cute, but very few of us have the means to buy expensive clothing without completely screwing over our bank accounts. And unfortunately, the struggle gets even more real in college because you of course have to show off your outfits on Instagram to impress all the potential new besties, romantic interests, etc. That’s where the Holy Grail comes in: The Thrift Store. 

Now, some of you may be thrifting experts (like myself), some of you may admire the idea of a good thrift find yet you never seem to be the lucky one who secures it, or some of you may have never been thrifting before (poor you!). No worries- no matter which category you are in, I am about to give you the ultimate guide on how to look amazing while buying -almost- all of your clothes from thrift stores.

First of all, you have to know what is considered a “good find” while thrifting. If you see a high-end brand for a relatively low price, snatch that up real quick. A helpful way to find the original price of the find is to search the designer and the item on google and it should pop up quickly. A good find, however, could also just be a super cute pair of mom jeans for like $15. Sometimes the best finds are from some random brand, nothing fancy or expensive. A truly good find is an item that makes you squeal and then pull out that wallet. 

Now listen very carefully to this one: do not be too hesitant to buy too much. Honestly, there have been thrifting days where I wish I hadn’t just dropped $100, but then I count how many articles of clothing I bought with that Ben Franklin and I no longer care. I would much rather spend a lot of money on multiple items than waste it on one dress or pair of shoes. At the end of the day, when you are looking for that one final touch to your masterpiece of an outfit, you will thank me when you have 6 pairs of boujee, thrift store pairs of shoes, 3 killer, kinky purses, and 5 pairs of sexy boho flowy pants to choose from. 

Another extremely important way to maximize the benefits of thrift shopping is to find your store. This is the place that will become your new home. You can bop around your city as much as you like trying new thrift stores that might have that perfect men’s oversized flannel, but trust me if you haven’t found your thrift store yet, then you’ll never get that fulfilling thrift experience. You’ll know the connection with the store the minute you see it’s selections. For me, I knew Unique Thrift in Falls Church, VA was my store when I saw the endless rows of crop tops and little boys size t-shirts, the jewelry section shining with hippie rings, and the beautiful sundresses calling my name. Whatever it is that you like to shop for (or hope to be able to start thrift shopping for soon), if the store consistently has the perfect styles for you, then that is it. You found it, girl.

At the end of the day, your life is going to change once you start thrifting on the reg. You will find the things you never knew you needed and I swear you and your Instagram feed will never be the same again. Hell, I even went to Hoco AND Prom in thrift store dresses. So, if I can change for the better, there is hope out there for all of you to become the thrifting experts I always knew you could be.