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Her Voice: Finding the Yellow Brick Road

“Finding the Yellow Brick Road”
by Kara Schmieg

It feels good to breathe again

Didn’t know how far I’d left until I came back to mend
Was hurt by the world and left to grow
Didn’t know much where to go
I have all this hurt that’s been left in me
I’m slowly trying to release it free
Was so hard on myself for the world’s assaults
Starting to realize it was not my fault
I took the pain and added some more
How do you move on when your world has been torn?
I am learning forgiveness and understanding it slow
It’s important for me to take my time and grow
Grow with happiness and walk away from the pain
Forgive the world and do not blame
Look past its faults and understand its intentions
We are here to love with no intervention
Stop the fight and stop the thoughts
Allow yourself to get lost
You’ll find your way, just as I’ve done
Make your own path. We are all one.

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