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Spring Break 2011 has come and gone, but find out what kind of fun the Her Campus NCSU team got into over the break. Guns, campouts, roadtrips and tattoos…need I say more? Just read on!

Kristie Demers: Twins hit Myrtle and  cause some trouble

The guys in Myrtle Beach welcomed me and my best friend with car honks, balcony yells, window taps, double takes and winks galore. Not even eight hours in to our trip and we had already been to the beach, asked out by an entire rugby team, ate at Margaritaville, visited friends in two different beach houses friends in North Myrtle, walked the streets in the rain, stopped traffic – from the inside of a tinted car…at night – and got sent to Buckosville by our GPS. We never anticipated that so much could happen in such a short amount of time. The next few days was a circus of ripping pants, making up code aliases, getting stolen, sitting in the middle of Ocean Blvd. at 4 a.m., shopping with all the money we had to blow, stopping at random hotels to use the restroom, finding new loves, planning tattoos, and dancing in the car to every beat the radio dropped. I’d go back again in a second…just for a repeat of that last hour we spent sitting on the beach watching the waves crash on the shore.

Katie Yelle: Backpacking with the boys

I went backpacking and camping at the Neusiok Trail in eastern North Carolina with my boyfriend and little brother over spring break. On the way there, we got lost and our three hour drive turned into a four hour drive. We started our hike Friday morning at the beach. After hiking for ten miles that day, we decided to set up camp in one of the three shelters along the trail. Falling asleep at 7:30 p.m. was a terrible idea because when 11 p.m. rolled around and we woke up from shivering, we couldn’t go back to sleep. Being awake at midnight in the woods by yourselves isn’t exactly what I would call enjoyable. So we started another fire and lucky for us – we forgot the marshmallows. After a freezing 30-degree and sleepless Friday night, two huge blisters and an injured toe, I made the executive decision to end the trip early and walk back to the car on Saturday. The guys weren’t happy about this but after that we stopped by Beaufort, NC and got our puppies Guy Harvey collar that my boyfriend has been obsessed with getting her and after we went to New Bern and walked around for a couple hours. All in all, I had a great weekend trip with my favorite guys, got a great workout of about 20 miles and some even better memories. 

Karen Gage: Straight Shooter!

If someone told me in High School that I would one day meet a man that liked and owned guns I would have never believed them. To understand why this is, you have to understand where I grew up. I grew up in Cary, North Carolina. A post on urbandictionary.com explains Cary, N.C. as “A wealthy town just outside of Raleigh, NC. Known for its country clubs and soccer moms driving luxury SUVs.” The high school I attended was full of very preppy, smart, and rich students. My school did not have a shotgun team, or an FFA club, but we did have a really amazing golf team. Well once I got to NCSU, I met a guy who grew up in Kinston, N.C. Of course, I had never heard of this small town before. He went to a high school with both an FFA and a shotgun team. He owns two guns, both passed down from his grandfather, and he is constantly talking about, looking at, and dreaming about other guns he wants to buy, or shoot. After several attempts on his part to take me shooting, I finally agreed. My spring break’s most memorable moment would definitely have to be shooting my first gun. It was an interesting experience filled with anxiety, fear, and lastly – accomplishment.

Jonathan Kim: Ballin’ in the Brickyard 

I was bored waiting for my ride on Saturday so I played soccer in the brickyard.  It was mostly empty and I had always wanted to play soccer in the brickyard, but I never could since I might accidently hit somebody with my soccer ball.  I ended up playing soccer for about an hour and a half. It was amazing because I just felt so carefree and it was simple fun.  It felt like a little kid again playing for the first time.  I had fun struggling to take a picture with my laptop while trying to juggle a soccer ball too.

Justine Blanc-Laine: Road trip baby!

Kara Schmieg: Takes over a beach house in Myrtle for the week!

Campus Correspondent and Founder of Her Campus NCSU - kristiedemers@hercampus.com Kristie Demers is a Senior English major at North Carolina State University. When she isn't studying or busy working on campus, Kristie enjoys running, writing, reading, photography, and painting. She volunteered as an athletic trainer for the Cheerleading team freshman year and developed an unwavering devotion for the Wolfpack. This Wisconsin natives passions include traveling, spending time with family and friends, and loving even the little things in life. Although she is down to earth and loves making people smile, Kristie is hard working and welcomes challenges. All that this happy-go-lucky girl dreams for the future is to write for a magazine and live at the beach. In the meantime, her heart lies in the bricks at N.C. State and beats with every chime of the Bell Tower!
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