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HBO Max released an official trailer for Gossip Girl Part Two, get ready Upper East Siders…

HBO Max recently released the dramatic official trailer for Gossip Girl Part Two. Here is what you need to be ready for.  

The reboot of Gossip Girl is everything we needed. If you were a fan the first time around, be sure to catch up! It features New York’s elite: Generation Z edition. The trailer opens with a blast from Gossip Girl getting sent out reminding the show’s stars that their story is far from over, leaving all the fans on the edge of their seats.  

As the trailer progresses, it leaves no drama out. Snippets of events one after another are revealed and you start to see how climactic the story could be once released. Arguments, relationships, partying, and lavish material goods are featured to display the storyline and lives of Manhattan’s most elite high schoolers.  

Jordan Alexander plays the role of Julien Calloway, a comparison to the original cast member Blake Lively acting as Serena van der Woodson. The trailer features Julien being involved in many conflicts of interest. The drama follows Julien just like it did Serena and we’re in for a big treat during Part Two. According to the trailer, Julien has been involved in a scandal that causes her to lose some friendships and relationships. We also hear the word cancel come up during the trailer!  

My favorite part must be the shot of a Thanksgiving table gorgeously set up. My favorite episodes of the original Gossip Girl series were always from the Thanksgiving scenes. The drama that occurred in these episodes was nothing shy of astonishing.  

The series is scheduled to be released on November 25th, so be sure to mark your calendars. You will not want to miss it!  

Watch the official trailer here

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