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We’ve all been there- you're invited to a last-minute secret Santa party or have been given a gift by someone unexpectedly and need to find a gift in a short amount of time. The holidays are stressful enough, let alone the process of finding and purchasing the perfect gifts for everyone in your life. 


To help your growing shopping list, here is a list of 5 last-minute gifts for both women and men that are functional and are sure to bring a smile to their face.

For Women: Reusable Cup with Lid

A reusable cup is an item that can always be useful. Whether you use yours for your coffee at work or for water at the gym, this is an essential item in the daily lives of many. Not only do they come in many different styles and sizes, but they are also a sustainable alternative to plastic water bottles!

Pajama set

This pajama set is both comfortable and stylish. Gifting the girls in your life with a matching pajama set will be a great change from the normal sweatpants and t-shirts. With so many styles and fabrics to choose from - this gift can be customized to anyone’s liking!

100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases have become increasingly popular over the last few months. With their proven benefits to skin and hair, these silk pillowcases are a must.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

This dryer brush has gone viral on tik tok due to its amazing results. It dries hair quickly while leaving you with voluptuous curls all at the same time! This tool is an amazing time saver when it comes to getting ready and it can be found in many stores and online.

Fuzzy Slippers

With everyone staying at home in light of our current pandemic, why not make it more comfortable? A pair of comfy slippers for your friend or girlfriend is sure to brighten her quarantine.

For Men: A New Wallet

A wallet for men is similar to how a purse is for a woman - they use it every day and it holds many of their valuable items. With that being said, a wallet can wear out easily, so a new, organized wallet may be just the thing the man in your life has been looking for.

A Flannel

Not only are flannels in for women this season, but they are also super in style for men! A flannel can be added to any outfit and layered in countless ways. This is an amazing gift to keep them warm all season long and upgrade their style!

Wireless Charging Station

For any man that has a phone (which is most men) this gift is a crowd-pleaser. Instead of a plain charger that goes into the wall, this wireless charger props your phone upright and charges it with no cords. In addition to charging their phone, it can also charge their Apple Watch, Air Pods, and iPad Pen at the same time.

Back & Neck Massager

For athletes or stressed-out students, this gift is a must-have. It can help those with sore muscles after a gym session or a study session where you’ve been hunched over your laptop!


For college students and outdoor lovers - an Eno is a must-have! They can be hung in countless places and are a comfortable place to lay and study, write, or just admire the world around you.

Lily Grissom is a sophomore at NC State University majoring in Accounting with a concentration in Financial Analysis. Some of her favorite things are movies, music, and the environment!
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