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Fast-break Sports: Give Respect When Earned -Coach K’s 903

It is rare to see records be broken that are truly milestones in ones career, especially the one of passing Bob Knight and 902 victories in the NCAA. What makes this an even greater accomplishment, and one that you might never see again in history, is that Mike Krzyzewski use to be under Bob Knight and learned much of what he knows from him.

Coach K started at Duke in 1980 without much success right off the bat and people were actually calling for him to be fired. However, Duke stuck with the coach because they realized his potential…guess how that decision turned out. Coach K only has won 903 games over his career, 4 National Championships, 13 ACC tournament championships, 12 ACC regular championships, and 3 Naismith Coach of the Year awards. It seems like the decision to keep Coach K around was a good one and one that no one will ever regret.
Even though so many fans despise Duke Basketball, one has to take a step back and acknowledge what Mike Krzyzewski has done for the sport. He now belongs up there with “the greats” that made the sport what it is today, beside the names of Adolph Ruff, Bob Knight, and Dean Smith. Now many people will argue which coach was better and many people will have different arguments for each one; however, it doesn’t really matter because they all have done great things for college basketball and have touched many lives along the way. So even though we might have something against Duke Basketball, we should all together, give him a hand, and allow him to celebrate with a glass of wine with his wife. But, the celebration will be short lived because when Duke tips off again, I know who I’ll be cheering against.

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