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Embrace Your Inner Carrie Bradshaw

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NCSU chapter.

There’s no one more classy, confident, chic and down right fabulous than New York City’s Carrie Bradshaw. Played by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and The City (SATC), Carrie Bradshaw is an icon for women journalists, fashionistas, city-lovers and anyone on the path of self-discovery. In the era of social media where true self-love seems to be an unattainable goal, I couldn’t help but wonder… would self-love blossom if everyone embodied their inner Carrie Bradshaw?

In my opinion, Carrie Bradshaw is not only a simple character in a television series but more of a concept and a lifestyle. The defining characteristic of Carrie is her expansive closet and whole-hearted love for heels, specifically her Manolo Blahniks. She can pair heels with absolutely any outfit. Sports shorts? Easy. Capris? Tutus? White button-down dress? The list goes on and on. And let’s be real, she doesn’t just simply wear heels she fully runs through the bustling streets of Manhattan in them. Carrie’s style is so defining because she doesn’t try to mold herself into the box of trends and societal expectations. She re-defines fashion as an outlet of self-expression rather than a source of “fitting in.” Now you may be questioning how to go about this and you’re in luck because I’ve compiled a few tips to help you unleash the Carrie Bradshaw within you. 

  1. Mix & Match

Carrie crosses fashion borders by mixing and matching clothing items that usually would not fit together. She takes pieces from different styles and combines them to curate her own personal style. A prime example of this is when she pairs blue sport shorts with a white blouse and orange heels. Somehow she makes shorts, usually worn at home or at the gym, classy and iconic. 

Now wearing heels everyday while walking around college campus is a daunting task that I’m sure we all don’t even want to try. Instead, go for a comfy pair of Mary Jane’s or boots with a smaller heel. 

  1. Accessorizing is Key

If there’s one fashion skill to master, it would be accessorizing, and Carrie may just be the expert. Accessorizing is key to elevate an outfit and to truly develop a sense of self-expression. Whether it be with belts, purses, necklaces, sunglasses, hats, earrings, hair accessories, and even, as worn by Ms. Bradshaw, a clip-on flower. Although accessorizing is a “skill” it’s an easy skill to obtain—simply add what you feel will look good. You can go as crazy or as minimal with accessories as you would like, however, to embrace your inner Carrie Bradshaw, the key component is do what feels right to you.

  1. Accents & Colors

Conforming with society is not for those that want to express their inner Carrie Bradshaw, instead, they want to stand out and take style risks. What better way to be unique than adding accent pieces and colors to your outfit? Mainly, Carrie accents by mixing patterns and adding pops of color. Another way to accent your outfit, especially in cooler weather, is to add a jacket. Carrie usually opts for her infamous fur coat that makes any outfit look effortlessly cool. 

  1. Hair & Makeup 

In the earlier seasons of SATC, Carrie is known for her curly/wavy hair that is so natural yet so put together. Her makeup is a light smokey eyeshadow and either pink or dark red lipstick. The main takeaway with her hair and makeup is that she does what compliments her features. The reason she seems so effortless is because she embraces her natural form instead of trying to change herself. 

  1. Confidence Over Everything

Aside from Carrie’s physical appearance, is the core of her appeal—the confidence and the self-love she radiates. Confidence is something that doesn’t rely on your appearance but instead an inner feeling. The best way to describe pure confidence, in my opinion, is with a little imagination exercise. Imagine you walk into a room buzzing with people. As you walk through the room people are glancing, some with not the most kind faces. You notice their expressions and opinions towards you and choose to not soak them in, instead they break and disperse into the light you radiate. You feel so deeply rooted within yourself that the only opinion that matters is your own. So you continue to walk through that room head held high feeling no different than when you took your first step in. Carrie’s confidence is presented in the way she walks, how she fluffs up her curly hair, her eye contact and really just her powerful presence in the other characters’ lives.

Overall, be the main character of your life. Embrace your inner Carrie Bradshaw by simply being true to yourself. Self-love and appreciation will flourish!

Isabelle Huller is a second-year student at North Carolina State University, pursuing a degree in International Business. She loves to write as it's an escape from the chaos of daily life and an outlet to get her thoughts onto paper. She writes about music, fashion, film/tv, and any relatable experiences or feelings. She is in the International Business Dual Degree Program where she will study in Madrid for her last two years of undergrad. Professionally, her dream is to go into the marketing field for a magazine company or in the film industry as it would combine her love for writing/reading with her education. Outside of schooling and writing her hobbies include (but are not limited to) photography, reading, rewatching comfort films/tv shows, hiking, crochet, painting, listening to vinyl/CDs, thrifting, and spending time with friends and family.